Crafty Eggs and Cakey Bunnies

My dears, have you noticed, it's nearly Easter? A quarter of a way through the year, a season of renewal, a season, in the southern hemisphere, of looking back on a full harvest, and being thankful that we have chopped up nearly the last of the tomatoes, a season of drawing in and slowing down. A season of chocolate and eggs...

Lucky I have very enthusiastic children, who live to do craft, because frankly, Easter week for me is a procession of bottling tomatoes and stewing apples. The girls have been busy like little bees. Posy almost gave herself apoplexy blowing out a round dozen eggs. They dyed some with food colouring, then painted some with water colour paints, and dripped bits of melted crayons over the top for a jolly Eastery effect. The egg on the left is from Oxfam. For a few years I bought one each year for Easter, but now of course, I have enough stuff, even from Oxfam, so we just enjoy the ones we already have.

The Girl, who is a very kind big sister, helped Posy make an Easter basket, from almost the last of the coloured cardboard that we laid in for craft emergencies while we were homeschooling.

We have a stack of chocolate moulds from? who knows where, so chocolate bilbies have been ever so busy laying chocolate eggs.

And Rosy and Posy wanted to buy Easter eggs for their friends and teachers, but in the spirit of making and doing, not buying and mindlessly consuming, they baked these adorable bunny cupcakes instead..

Ironically, we found the idea in the Woolworths catalogue last week...

What Easter crafts are up and doing at your house?


The eggs look lovely! So funny that you are bottling tomatoes in March! We have snow on the ground here- some parts of the country have it very bad. I wish the sun would come out and play!
Heather said…
Those bunny cupcakes are delightful! Every year the four of us (husband included) decorate hard-boiled eggs with crayons and dye, always play fighting over the last egg.

I don't do as many crafts with the kids anymore,which makes me a bit sad. My daughter is always baking and making things, but my son isn't as interested unless it has to do with building with Legos.

One year, when my kids were younger, we made an Easter tree on the spur of the moment. We found a large branch in the back yard, painted it white, stuck it in a vase, and decorated it with blown eggs, stray jewelry, and handmade ornaments. That was fun.
Jo said…
Mrs Frantic, I was showing the children some blog photos of snow in England yesterday, and they found that hard to believe! Hope the sun shines on you for Easter.
Heather, we have made Easter trees too, in the past. They are so pretty. I may be pretty unenthusiastic about craft on the whole, but I think I'll be sad when the children feel they are too old for it...
oh to be a kid again! no easter crafts for me, unless absent-mindedly smoothing out the foil wrappers off the chocolate eggs counts. no?
i'm hoping work has as easter egg hunt again this year. we had a cryptic search last year and it was hilarious fun, even if the chocolate was nasty cheap stuff (i'm a chocolate snob).
Jo said…
I think chocolate snob is a very positive attribute. Smoothing out chocolate wrappers and using them as bookmarks definitely counts. Remember the joy of finding them in the encyclopedia months later and smelling that Easter egg smell? Mmmm..
We dye Easter eggs, but that's about it. I would love to make an Easter bunny cake, with licorice for its whiskers and jelly beans for its mouth and eyes--which is what my mom did when we were little--but an Easter bunny cake demands coconut sprinkled all over the icing, and I'm the only one in my family who can abide coconut ... Sad, really.

Jo said…
That very cake featured in The Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book, that every child in Australia in the 1970s and 80s chose their birthday cake out of. I always admired the bunny cake. Come and visit me and I'll bake you one and we can eat it up, coconut and all..
I may just take you up on that, Jo, though I will have to get my head around eating Easter Bunny cake in autumn!


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