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In Other News, It is Spring

I return. I have been in a slump. Getting dressed seems unbearably difficult most days, and yet, somehow I do get dressed. I make the dinner, I do the dishes, I go for walks, I see friends, I go to work. It all feels like walking through treacle.  Paul's chemo treatments continue. He is half way through his treatment. His dosages have been dropped as far as they can be, and yet he is still suffering from colitis for one week of his two week gap between treatments. The difference now is that his pain meds have been worked out very well, and so he is getting sleep and is able to eat. He has discovered that he is in just as much pain whatever he eats, so now he eats everything, which has made a real difference to his weight, and that is a positive thing. And Paul is still positive, working on his good days, and full of plans for the house he wants to build. We are planning the new vegie garden up on the mountain, and I am planting seeds for it, which means it will need to be ready in

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