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No Apologies

Some years ago now, I wrote a series of posts on a housekeeping routine I developed. Then I wrote a post called Overwhelmed by Housework? which is to date my most popular post ever, and in my latest iteration of the blog it sits right at the bottom of every post and has been annoying me for weeks. One day I will work out how to get rid of that particular feature.

Anyway, it has been annoying me because I have more or less given up on doing housework, and now my past is coming back to haunt me. For a few months, maybe a couple of years way back then I was convinced that I could nail this housework thing, with dedication and amazing will power. Turns out I was wrong. I have no more interest in housework now than I ever did, which is next to none. I have the same huge capacity to tolerate mess and downright dirt that I have had forever. And I have made a decision - this is a fight that I am done with.

For so many years I have somehow conflated the state of my house with some kind of mor…

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