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The Gruesome Underbelly of Spring

Every time the season changes I am convinced that it is my favourite. The blossom of spring. The warmth of the beginning of summer, the return of cool days in autumn, the first bite of winter. I think I like autumn best because of the sheer relief of the end of hot weather. I am a delicate snowflake where the sun is concerned. But spring brings so much joy with it. Blossom, green leaves, yellow daffodils. Baby birds. In spring the swallows return to the mountain and swoop all around Paul's cabin and the echidna comes out of hibernation and begins to stump around again, snuffling up ants. 
The nectarine trees are in excellent form, blossoming their little cotton socks off. As well as honey bees I am noticing an increase in native bees in my garden, year by year. They seem to have adapted very well to feeding on exotic fruit trees. They love the euphorbia too - you can see it flowering in chartreuse splendour up above - which came to me as seedlings from my neighbour's garden. I&…

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