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Green and Thrifty

Back to green and thrifty again, an approach to life that is becoming more mainstream as prices of everything go up everywhere. This week the neighbours went on holiday, and I am bringing in their mail and taking care of the canary. Just before they left they brought me the contents of their vegie bin: Notice I have been gifted a lettuce which probably cost more than their plane tickets:) And there's more: This is so lovely as it covers a lot of my vegie needs this week. I have sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots on hand and many greens in the garden, so I decided I was all set, but then I found some very cheap pumpkin at the shops, so I bought that to add to my winter vegie soup this week. So far I have made a salad with the lettuce, the capsicum, mushrooms and a tomato, and eaten one of the oranges for a snack. It was so sweet. Oranges are at their peak right now in winter time. I have more citrus for snacking on as I have discovered that one of my lemon trees is a lemonade, and

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