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Green and Thrifty

It is that time of year when people who have fruit trees and vegie gardens are calling their friends and saying, "Please come and pick the plums/zucchinis/tomatoes." And I do. Always say yes, is my mantra. Think of something to do with it later. A lovely friend with laden fruit trees called and I picked damson plums, greengages and peaches. After counting last year's jam in the pantry, I have realised I don't need to make any at all this year, although I may make an exception for figs in a couple of months. Fig jam is my favourite. So I dried the damson plums (yum) and stewed peaches and greengages and filled up my small freezer with them. I am also drying the last of the peaches and greengages. I feel like a happy squirrel, filling up the pantry for winter.

I finally have my very first ripe tomatoes, and a handful of sweet, crunchy beans.

This has not stopped me from saying yes to the tomatoes and zucchinis from my lovely neighbour up the street.

I see ratatouille …

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