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Roof Gardening

  There is a huge amount of rain bearing down on Tasmania, so today I got the ladder out and climbed onto the roof to clean out the gutters. I had forgotten how much fun it is on the roof. We used to sit up here to watch the fireworks at New Years. While I was up high I took photos of the garden. Everything looks more interesting from the roof. Birds must enjoy their topographical view of the world. I planted out many tiny seedlings this last week. All the brassicas, lots of lettuces, radishes, and all kinds of greens, from mustard greens to wombok, to silverbeet. So many tiny plants. But wait, there's more! On a tarpaulin on the dining room floor I have all the tomatoes, distressingly few capsicums, which really didn't want to germinate, a million basil plants, and a whole lot of cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchinis and beans just starting to sprout. I'll plant all these out next week when the risk of frost is hopefully over. It was minus one (30F) last week, so I hope I am not

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