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New Beginnings

Hello to you, my lovelies. It is I, I have returned from a long space of reflection and reorientation after my Dad died. It has been discombobulating, but here I am, still finding myself with things to say. It is the new year, well, sort of; happy February, and although it is really just another beautiful summer's day, I have bought into the zeitgeist, and I am contemplating the season of new beginnings, and find myself excited to begin another year. 2023 was somewhat brutal, and a season of endings. My beloved old puppy friend Benny left me, as did my Dad. I broke up with Paul after nearly six years together, a couple of weeks before Dad died. We are still the best of friends, Paul and I. He came to Dad's funeral, I went to his mum's birthday party, he came to ours for Christmas. We are both happy to be single and immersed in our own projects, coming up for air occasionally and waving and finding out what the other one is up to. I saw him just the other day, up on the moun

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