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Of Cabbages and Things..

Earth Garden's summer issue came out in December with an article by me on making sauerkraut. I absolutely love the stunning design of the magazine, and find it remarkable that I can submit a page of words and have it turned into a thing of beauty due to the magic of editors and designers. I am love, love, loving sending words out into the ether and having them turn into magazine articles. More to come...

Meanwhile, in other garden news, down in the vegie patch, although I am diligently picking the zucchinis every day to keep them at a reasonable size, now the cucumbers are getting away on me. Does anyone else find it nigh on impossible to find the cucumbers in the tangle of cucumber vines? It would be much easier to harvest cucumbers if they were yellow or red.. 

Meanwhile, the apricot tree has suffered terribly from brown rot this season, due to a particularly damp spring. Brown rot starts as a tiny brown bruise, and then quickly engulfs the whole fruit which turns brown and moul…

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