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Sewing Circle: Visible Mending

There has been sewing! I discovered the concept of visible mending - thank you pinterest. The old Japanese technique of mending cotton kimonos - boro, with patches, and sewing them on with a running stitch in various patterns - sashiko, has inspired me no end. Old Japanese kimonos have been preserved that have been patched and then patched on top of patches.

Boro Cotton Kimono, Yamagata Prefecture (Northern Japan) c. 1900
This gave me the happy thought that if I take up patching my clothes I will never have to buy clothes ever again. Huzzah! I started with a pair of pyjamas which were in the scrap bag due to holes. I patched, then stitched over the top with running stitches. I tell you this, patches make your pyjamas warmer.

The Girl is staying with us this week. She needed a project, so took to my mending basket. She mended this shirt for me with a patch behind, and sashiko stitching. I love it!

Then she started on the next shirt, which tore under the arm. It is patched, and partly s…

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