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Green and Thrifty

I planted seeds. Many seeds, and now I am the anxious mother of the seed babies, waiting for them to pop up. So far eleven of the twenty five punnets have sprouted. I have the promise of dahlias, cosmos, lettuce, rocket and kale, spinach, globe gillia, asters, lemon balm, and this morning, the first pak choi. Growing from seed is always an anxious exercise I find. Will they? Won't they? Are they warm enough? Is there enough light (actually, seeds that haven't sprouted yet don't need any light. You can stack up the punnets on top of each other in a warm place until the seeds begin to come up). I have transplanted several of the punnets into larger quarters already, and put them out in the sunshine every day. And this week I planted tomatoes and capsicum. Fingers and toes all crossed for their success.

We have had cold and rain and snow in Tasmania this week. Not very much rain, but every little bit counts. No complaints about the cold (well, ok, maybe just a couple of tiny…

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