A Pause, and A List..

My computer is still sad and broken. The Boy has his new one now, and used up nearly all our month's worth of internet downloading vital doohickeys onto it. I will have his old one all to myself, just as soon as I work out how to use it, and the internet magically renews itself..

Meanwhile, what I have for you is a list of family rules from a mother of four, foster mother to many, writer, gardener, farmer, and determined saver-of-the-planet.

Warning: This list made me laugh immoderately while drinking a cup of tea, which hasn't improved the state of my laptop keyboard at all..


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, Jo. I just read one of her other posts after reading this - more serious than this one, on birth rates. Very interesting. Really should be getting ready for work, but you know how hyperlinks work! You can while away a few hours reading and deleting deeper into the Internet.
GretchenJoanna said…
Oh, that was wonderful - I have passed it on to several who still have a passel of people in their houses. Thanks!
Hattie said…
Love love LOVE the link! Sad that your computer's still uncooperative. Maybe it will rise again for Easter?!
Jo said…
Glad you all like the list - so much of it rang so true for me. Sharon writes very thought-provoking posts on lots of serious issues - then this! Loved it.
Hattie, you are such a hoot. Rise for Easter indeed!

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