Singing in the Rain

Running away to the beach for a few days. It will no doubt continue to pour with rain. The housesitter asked if we wanted our garden watered. I laughed. So, playing on the beach in the rain, and then going back to drink cups of tea and read the giant piles of books I am trying to stuff in the car. Tassie spring holidays!

The Man 'accidently' left his laptop at work, so I'll leave the interweb here at home as well. It can play with the cats. Because the interweb loves it a funny cat.


Anonymous said…
Lol!!! Changing your name to Oh Humorous One!

Enjoy the reading time.
Hope you're having a wonderful time at the beach! Hoping, too, that the cats might write their own blog post ...

Anonymous said…
Great idea. I was wondering who ordered the 10 days of rain that the weather forecasters have predicted, now I know! Cheers Jo ;). From one manic book reader who has NO hope of reading the 10 books that she just put on hold at the local library to another eternal optimist, "Good Luck!" ;)
Unknown said…
Planning a 4 day getaway by the seaside from 20th for aniversary. Book arrived in mail today from Amazon and im saving it for then. The Earth Is Enough, Harry Middleton. Someone recommended it (23Thorns?).

Enjoy your time away. I wont be blogging while away either, but ill be taking lots of photos.

Judy said…
I always find the sea air a perfect tonic whatever the weather. (Although one Easter the wind was so ferocious that we were sandblasted and had to retreat.) Hope you come back with a clear head and all worries washed away.

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