Oooh, So Clever

So I was standing in the laundry today, doing that thrifty housekeepery thing we have all done about  nine million times - decanting the very last drops of product A into container B, and I was thinking that there must be a hands-free way to do this... when my eyes alighted upon a packet of bamboo skewers.

(And why do you have a packet of bamboo skewers in the laundry, I hear you ask in elegant parenthesis. Well, to keep the adorable pussycats and dear little blackbirds out of my freshly planted garden beds and pots, of course. Pointy end up! Nothing better!)

So, bamboo skewer in container B:

Product A suspended in mid-air as if by magic, emptying those last drops of thriftyness into container B:

Oooh, I am so clever.


You are truly a genius, but then we already knew that! Do spiky things really keep the birds at bay?
Anonymous said…
You ARE so clever ma'am but I can't concentrate on the "cleverness" (in elegant quotation marks ;) ) because my eyes are firmly on that gorgeous blue and white plant pot. Lovely tiny post with lovely blue and white content :)
Anonymous said…
I think I have previously called you Oh Clever One. And here is further evidence. Either that or Oh Virtuous One. The saving of every drop of product earns you that sobriquet.

I agree with Fran. Lovely blue pot. Lovely little tableau suggess a pleasant laundry.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant indeed! And yes, that pot is gorgeous. :)
Jo said…
Sarah, spiky skewers really do keep the birds out - you have to push them down far enough so that the spikes would be just the right height to be rather uncomfortable to a hopping bird (don't worry, I haven't impaled any yet..)
Fran, that pot was from Chickenfeed! And I use it to keep the er.. kitty-litter scoops in!
Lucinda and Jessie, I am clever aren't I? Feeling very chuffed, because usually, inventing things that work isn't my forte! Oh, and also humble..
Tammy said…
That is rather clever. Normally I simply invert one over the other. Most of the time it works, but about 10% of the time I am thwarted by curious kitties. Then it is neither clever nor thrifty, but rather a big mess!
Unknown said…
Trust you to come up with a cheap option when i am planning the construction of something akin to the great wall around my beds. Doh! And, i dont have to wait for MEN who dont see the importance of my bed gates.

I bet your laundry is pretty. Mine is definately a utility room. Must work on that...
Nice work - almost looks like a magic trick too!
i thought it was going to be a DIY room fragrance thingy :-)

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