Can't Be Bothered Thursday

Two weeks ago my pear tree was a vision of gold against blue. Today it is a skeleton of dead sticks in the rain.

I have been intrigued recently to see that a number of blogs have weekly themes - Harvest Monday, Food Waste Friday, and Sarah's great weekly waste round up on Zero Waste Wednesday (I am mining this for ideas, of course!).

In my present state of, 'Blah, it's raining and cold and the beginning of winter, and I'm just not feeling on top of the world AT ALL today..,' I'm thinking of starting a Can't Be Bothered Thursday theme, where all planet-saving and self-improvement schemes will be suspended for the day, and we will be lolling on the couch, eating (fair trade) chocolate, drinking (local) red wine and discussing the relative merits of our favourite TV shows. Will it catch on?

Meanwhile, a way to reduce plastic waste that involves zero degrees of difficulty - I picked up the paper-wrapped recycled toilet paper instead of the (ever so slightly cheaper) plastic wrapped packet that I usually buy. That is the extent of the effort I am capable of today.


Lanie said…
That's hilarious. Of course it will catch on! I'm there for one. I am having a serious 'can't be bothered Thursday'. Procrastinated all day (thesis writing) - seriously haven't done a thing...although I opened the box to look at my new compost tumbler and that looked too hard too.

I have also toyed with having a 'day' but each time have had the insight to know that consistency isn't my forte. Hence why can't be bothered Thursday appeals to me so much.
Jo said…
You are so right Lanie, I know I can't possibly be bothered enough to even consistently have a Can't Be Bothered Thursday..
Oooh, compost tumbler, that sounds like fun. I would love to hear a review of that when you have made your first batch (after Can't Be Bothered Thursday of course).
Hoping the red wine and chocolate is helping the thesis..
Anonymous said…
Would join in,but I can't be bothered!

I know. You saw that coming a mile away.

Off out for dinner. It is my birthday dinner. Birthday was weeks ago but we're that kind of lacksadasical family. Near enough is, you know.
Jo said…
I'm glad to see you are keeping up standards! Happy Birthday to you.
Unknown said…
Oh i think it could really catch on because it would give us all a break from sainthood. Gosh its hardwork polishing that halo.
Anonymous said…
I am SO there! A day of reading a book, feet up with a hot water bottle on my lap and a couple of dogs tumbled at my feet belly up in front of the fire. A husband sitting in the loungeroom watching telly while he plays his guitar and me falling asleep halfway down the first paragraph even though it's only 11am and I only just picked up the book...endless cups of tea and a bottomless biscuit barrel that can be filled up another day because "Today is can't be bothered thursday...whatchagonnadoabouditeh?!" ;) Not only will it catch on, I just subscribed to it! :) I am in Launceston this weekend with my daughters. We will be cooking up a Korean storm and wandering around town pointing in shop windows. I am going to head out to the markets that you talked about recently to see if we can't pick up some nice fresh veg for me over the weekend. My daughters are both omni but I am vegan. Have a great weekend :)
Anonymous said…
Ha! Different name, same deal. I've heard of Pyjama Day and Mental Health Day (that one involved pulling a sickie - no, not me) and I had a serious pyjama day recently. I got half dressed, the older 2 did but my bubba spent the day in his jarmies. Made bedtime much easier. ;) Lolling on the couch eating chocolate in this house would involve having said chocolate plundered by small sugar-starved pirates then watching them spending the afternoon climbing the rigging. lol
Jo said…
You are so right Lynda. Although mine could do with a good polish..
Heather said…
I'm all for this. Everyone needs a day off for sanity purposes.
Jo said…
Fran, hope you enjoyed your day in front of the fire. Have fun 'shopping'. That sounds very frugal! The produce swap market I mentioned is on a Monday, but not this Monday due to the Queen's Birthday... of course. There is a Farmers' Market on Saturday in a car park off Tamar St. I find their veg a little expensive - I generally go to The Vegie Shed opposite Kmart. The Farmers' Market has great organic cheese, but not so helpful for you!
Jessie, chocolate after kidlet bedtime is a must!
Yes, Heather, sanity good..
Anonymous said…
Jo, have I mentioned that I like alliteration? Oh, and that I swear like a wharfie?

I have adapted your "Can't be Bothered Thursday", to an alliterative Friday where I say, with more Saxon origins, almost fricative force, I can't be bothered.

It all sounds better over a glass of red.
Jo said…
Oh dear, Lucinda, standards dropping fast. We must move on quickly to Sustainable Sainthood Saturday.
Polish those halos, people.
(Finish off the red first though. Waste not..)
Anonymous said…
Totally on board! I call them blah days - where everything is too hard and being "good" is too gosh darn hard. Mine was this Wed - thère was cheesy garlic pizza (despite trying to be gluten free) and inhaling a packet of rebranded Monaco bars (which were NOT zero waste at all!) The cheek of the bf to ask if I went for a run! Anyhow, totally on board. And I appreciate the link too, thanks!

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