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Well, it is the second week of the school holidays. The Man is home. We were planning picnics among the autumn leaves, a trip to the beach. But instead I will be flying back to Adelaide for Grandpa's funeral. It is good, because I want to be there (although I wish I didn't have to fly. Hate flying). I want to be there for him, and for my parents. But I don't want to leave home. I am a little house mouse. I could stay curled up in my home forever. I think adventures are for other people. Sigh. So what to do when you have to leave home unexpectedly? Write a list, for comfort.

Things To Do - Tuesday
Extra washing, to catch up, with The Man bringing a suitcase of washing home with him and all DONE
Clean the bathroom DONE
Make dinner with the pumpkin in the fridge, which we all know no one will cook with while I am away DONE
Plan some meals for while I am away DONE
Write a list for The Man of children's many social engagements. Stick it on prominent place on the fridge DONE
Pay bills DONE
Buy birthday presents for parties DONE
Nag gently encourage children to wrap said presents and make cards DONE
Organise Mother's Day present for Mum DONE
Organise birthday present for sister-in-law
Go to library and find absorbing books so I can pretend I am not on a plane DONE
Finish present for cousin's new baby (will get to see lovely cousins and breathe in darling new baby goodness. Definitely a silver lining!) DONE
Make all the children try on winter uniform, as will be returning night before school starts DONE
Pick remaining apples and stew (dreaming)
Do the ironing and watch Downton Abbey DONE (still haven't caught up to the end of the season. Two episodes to go. Must do more ironing)
Mend hole in black cardi for funeral

Things to Do - Wednesday
Wrap two presents
Find that elusive present for sister-in-law? She is such a good sport. It was her birthday last month..
More washing
Make Posy clean her room (maybe that would be a lovely project for her and daddy?)
Decide what curtain sample I prefer so The Man can take them back to shop, and order them.
Pack black embroidery thread and needle so I can mend cardi at brother's house.
Hug children and husband
Think wistfully about how nice it would be to not get on a plane Get on plane..

How about you? Do lists make you feel more in control in a stressful situation? I would panic if I didn't have it all down in black and white. And I love the feeling of crossing off items as I go. It is the nearest I ever get to feeling that I have some closure in my free ranging, amorphous days..


GretchenJoanna said…
I always feel the same way, *torn* from home. A day or two before leaving, when I feel I am running out of time, I start transferring things on my to-do list to the NEW list, "To Do When I Return." But when I return, I'm in such a muddle from being gone that I don't even dig out that list for a few days.
It's not fun to have to go away for the sake of a funeral, either. But I hope the reunion that usually happens at funerals will be at least a little satisfying. And may the memories be sweet.
Unknown said…
I'm always being told by my husband that I should make a list at the beginning of every day. But instead I just go through most days feeling like I'm suffocating under a shapeless pile of unidentified jobs. Must make lists, must make lists, must make lists....
Anonymous said…
I love being a house mouse, but I love having adventures too!

And I am the Queen of Lists. First item on my list: write a list! I buy all manner of note pads especially designed to make lists. My favourite was The Procrasinator's Daily To Do List.

Anonymous said…
Opps! Pressed post when I hadn't finished typing. I love crossing off and ticking all my jobs. My husband tried to mock me into not doing lists but I just became a closet lister. Until I outed myself proudly as The Queen of Lists. Now he has seen the benefit and joy of list making.

Hope the flight to Adelaide is smooth, and your time with your family is supportive.
Jo said…
Gretchen Joanna, I do so sympathise with your muddle. I'm in one now. And yes, lovely family reunion, thankyou!
Hattie, I'm with your husband on this one. Even if I do nothing on the list, I feel like it is out of my head, and far less scary in black and white, and Lucinda, is not crossing items off a list the most satisfying feeling? Here's a confession - if i feel like I am achieving very little in a day, i write a retrospective list, and cross off what I have already done, so I have visual confirmation that I have, indeed, done something in my day.. pathetic, but true..

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