Lemons Turn Into Apples, and I Have a Moment

Today I took this to the new (hopefully) weekly produce swap market at the university art gallery.

And came home with this. Lemons and rosemary magically turned into apples and rhubarb.

What a wondrous idea bartering is.

I picked up a friend and we went together, and then we went walking for an hour and we felt virtuous. But then I thought - I could walk to the swap market and back, and that would be an hour's walk, and I wouldn't have driven to an event that is all about reducing the footprint. Mentally smacking myself on the forehead.

And  I wouldn't have to pay for parking.

So, next week. Walking shoes and back pack.


Anonymous said…
I love magic.

Your photos are so relaxing! They are like stepping into Miss Marple's village.

And I love feeling virtuous too. So refreshing for the ego.
Jo said…
The Miss Marple photos are just to lull you into a false sense of security. Soon there will be a murder, and you will all be required to work out whodunnit.
Unknown said…
OK, ive done it. I was home with gastro today and what better way to entertain oneself than to read a blog from start to finish. OK, i think ive got a handle on you now. Ive enjoyed it immensely. Look forward to more posts.
Unknown said…
I think it was end of April i went to my first swap meet for veggie growers. It was in lovely sensory gardens that were quite a surprise in a not so lovely part of town across the laneway from a big tin sports centre and car park. Who Knew behind all that screening and cyclone fenceing was paradise? We met lovely people and i turned my free coffee grounds (donated by Maccas where i get my daily breakfast cappa) into herbs, plants and zuchinni pickles (which i loved). Check out post. Beautiful gardens.
Jo said…
Lynda, you probably know me better now than I know myself!
I agree, reading from the beginning of a blog is a fun thing to do, like reading a Russian novel with dozens of characters and strange plot twists.
Hope you are feeling better.
I think the produce swap is a new THING. Everybody is doing it. As usual, we are a bit behind the times here in Tas, but we catch up eventually..
I have just found a couple of local food swaps in my area and they are such a sensational idea! I love taking my surplus and bringing home things I don't grow!
Jo said…
I know - I have just run out of home grown apples, and my rhubarb is just starting to sprout again after I divided it, so perfect timing.
Mind you, the children were a bit cross when I mentioned that there were baked goods I could have swapped for instead. Next week!
Heather said…
I think the produce swap is a fantastic idea. I cannot imagine that happening where I live. Too bad.
Anonymous said…
Our most local produce swap is 15 minutes drive 1 way or 30 the other so no walking for us. I envy you being walking distance. Mind you, our version of walking distance is much less as we have 3 kids under 5 so little legs and all... The Farmers Market and street markets are only 15 minutes with kids walk though. :)
Jo said…
Jessie, thirteen years ago we moved from the country to the city so we don't have to drive anymore! Miss the country, don't miss the driving.

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