Sunshine on Front Porch

Wednesday. Remember the housekeeping routine? On Wednesdays I do some deep cleaning (often very little, to tell the truth), starting at the front door and working my way around the house. It sometimes takes months to get all the way around, not because the house is that big, but because I am that slow. Today, as it happens, we are back to the beginning. A quick sweep of cobwebs from the walls, and then I realise that for the last couple of months everything on the porch has been festooned with dead leaves and dust bunnies. Funny how you don't notice what you walk past every day. Well, I don't. Other people surely do, and have no doubt been wondering when I am finally going to sweep the porch.

This is our shoe box. When I tipped it out it contained several pairs of out-grown shoes, some slightly mildewed socks, lots of dust and a big, black spider. Now it is remarkably clean and insect-free, and only contains Posy's gumboots.

I rather like the box. The people over the road were throwing it out a few years ago, and I rescued it. Once it held kerosene cans, now gumboots. I can't decide whether it has gone up in the world or not. As you can see from the photo at the top, our porch is kind of...rustic. Three years ago we stripped the front door, but haven't decided what colour to paint it. Thankfully we had the yellow bottle glass replaced with nice frosted glass.

We still need to decide what to do to to the flaky pink concrete stairs. I like the cowbell door bell that my sister-in-law sent me.

And the wattle bird made by a local craftsman. Wattlebirds like our front garden, and perch in our bottle brush tree. This is my favourite part of the front porch.

The girls made the bead string to hang it. Down below, though, is the empty plant pot, that, until six weeks or so ago, held a mostly dead plant. For, oh, six weeks now, I have been meaning to refill it, and plant daffodil bulbs. At least it isn't full of dead leaves and spiders' webs any more.

The driftwood was a birthday present from The Girl one year. She rescued it from the local river. She's very good at presents.

So, Wednesday, sit in sunshine on clean front porch. DONE.


Anonymous said…
Lovely, peaceful porch. Your daughter has picked a beautiful present.

Do you have a comfy seat to enjoy the sun and your clean porch?

So glad for you that you are returned to your nest after your trip.
Heather said…
Sweep the porch? Isn't that what the wind is for?

My front porch is often neglected by me because our garage has a connecting door into our kitchen. I rarely go out the front door. I'm sure it could use a spruce-up.

I love your cowbell doorbell! I also love the boot box and the driftwood. Very cute.
Jo said…
Lucinda, it is too small for a comfy seat, so I sit on the sun warmed steps instead. I do dream of one of those huge, wrap-around Queenslander verandahs. With rocking chairs. And hammocks..
Heather, the wind sweeps the dirt and leaves right through my front door. It is a constant battle to keep them out!
love the porch tour. mine is very drab at the moment because it gets too hot, so all plants die, so i removed everything. so bare. i may buy fake plants. yes, truly! also, my lintel (is that right?) is shabby and needs painting, and has done since i moved in eight years ago. bad feng shui???
Jo said…
Not the fake plants, e! Daffodils! Not too hot in spring. And then maybe I could get The Girl to find a nice piece of driftwood to post down to you..

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