Sunny Day

Last week, her own darling Daddy bought Posy her first 'big girl' bike. He put it together for her, took her and her sisters riding at the local ex-railway yards, which have been made over into a trendy museum/university arts department/cafe precinct, and then bought them pink milk at the cafe. This was a total parenting-picture-postcard kind of day, the kind that almost never happens, a 'the weather is beautiful, wish you were here' kind of report, on that sunny day between the two weeks of those sunny days.

Overheard as their Daddy put the new pink and purple bike with purple trainer wheels together out in the courtyard:

Rosy: Now Mummy is the only person without a bike.

Posy: Mummy doesn't need a bike because she is always needing to do jobs.

I heard them through the open laundry window as I was... sorting the washing. I think I need to buy a bike.


50sgal said…
what a sweet story.
Anonymous said…
I am the only member of my family without a bike too, though some of our kids' bikes are horrible hand-downs that really need replacing.

After having four kids, bike-riding can be kinda uncomfortable, even with a padded seat, LOL.


PS Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back!

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