A Class of Two

One day a week I have a splendid swap organized. Rosy's friend comes to us for a day, and Posy goes to her family, and plays with her little sisters. Rosy loves to have extra company, and we always have a nicer lunch. The Domestic Goddess made waffles for us this week! We have once-a-week lessons, Australian History and Old Testament stories, a unit of work from the Steiner curriculum. We have different poems, and are reading a different chapter book, so it is like a parallel universe homeschooling day, where I don't have a four year old, and have twins instead. They are The Inseparables!

This works so well with our structured mornings, and Rosy's friend is naturally studious, and so inspires Rosy to new heights of achievement. I am hoping to arrange something similar for The Domestic Goddess...will have to see how that pans out.


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