Doing my bit to stimulate the economy this morning, I passed by one of the numerous Swish Frock Shops that adorn this town, and there was a sign outside:

Ball Gowns. Half Price.

It made me strangely sad. Sign of the times? I have never needed or wanted a ball gown in my life, but I don't want to live in a world where ball gowns are excess to requirements.

Something else that makes me sad - my dear friend Kris has closed down her blog. Kris lives in a glorious confusion of dogs, children, books, and seriously stylish vintage stuff. She has a great eye for the perfect teacup, is creating a happy garden with sunflowers and an artichoke forest, and oh, she can write so that it brings tears to your eyes. But now she has stopped. And yes, we will continue to have great conversations, and jolly teaparties with her sweet girlies, but there is something about reading the considered thoughts and inner vision of another person that is so hard to capture in conversation (especially in conversation when there are four year olds present). I think that is the real appeal of blogging for me - a glimpse, be it never so brief and fleeting under the minutiae of passing thoughts, of the inner life of another person. And such a darling person.


Anonymous said…
Hey jo, thats exactly how i feel about reading your blog, an inspiration to other mothers!
Love Manni
Jo said…
Aw, thanks Manni.
Kris said…
It's not fair, is it? Because I still get to read your beautifully expressed thoughts.

I promise that I will, occasionally, express something beautifully.

How about once every six weeks or so?
Jo said…
Please darling, express beautifully at any interval you desire. I will be there to make snarky comments without fail.

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