Confession: My new-found commitment to extreme tidiness lasted approximately two minutes beyond the agent's phone call to tell me we had sold..


Treaders said…
Oh that is wonderful news. Congratulations and well done for all your hard work. Anna
Hi, Jo--After a little time away from my blogging neighborhood, I've come back to find you're moving and have sent a child off to college and gotten rid of everything you own and are hiring strange men to do household chores. Boy, I can't take my eyes off you for a second!

Seriously, I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see lots and lots of pix of the new place! Congrats on making such a big change!

narf7 said…
I knew it wouldn't be long before you were turfed out into the big wide world and freed to move into your tiny house. Now the fun begins!
Pam in Virginia said…
Hi, Jo!

I am so proud of you and so happy! Who cares if tidiness waits for tomorrow or the next day or the next . . . On to the wee house!

Jo said…
Thanks Anna:)

Frances, I was hoping for a boring 2016, but clearly at some other level I wished otherwise:)

Fran, I feel just like that, like a snail out of my safe shell. A shake up will no doubt be good for me.

Penelope P, thanks for your good wishes:)

Pam, exactly, I'll tidy tomorrow..
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

You go, girl! Well done for the vision and the gumption (and I really mean that word not just as a good thing, but a great thing) to sort out this bit of genius. Well done, you are looking at the future very clearly and I respect that!

Pah! There's far more to life than cleaning anyway! ;-)!



Debbie said…
Congratulations on the sale of your home!
Anonymous said…
Brilliant news Jo! I am so happy for you. It is lovely when the house is finally sold and the pressure for perfection is off:-) I hope never to have to go through that again.
gretchenjoanna said…
I am so impressed! May you fully enjoy the reward of relaxing a bit on the housework and any other area of life - whew!
congratulations! what an amazing time you are having at the moment!
good luck with the next chapter, your new home :-)
Jo said…
Thanks all for your good wishes. What a lovely bunch you are:)
Anonymous said…
Woo hoo!!! The buyers are very lucky. They have got a super house!!! Hope you got a good deal.

I've just left China. They don't let Foogle or FB or anything related like blogger. So missed until now. Happy for you. Though I imagine there are heavy feelings and ties to the home you had joint plans in and the home of your lovely children. I am sure the Germans have a word for the feeling of moving forward while still feeling sad at good byes, they are good at those words. Anyway without a word for it, I am sure you feel it - excited at next stage but that empty nest feeling we all get admitting our last child is our last one.
Jo said…
Lucinda, yes, that word. Exactly. xx

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