Recycling in the Garden

Today I fed the citrus hedges, strawberries, blueberries and fruit trees with a combination of dynamic lifter, blood and bone, and a little dolomite lime. I pulled the snowpea vines out of this wine barrel (note for next time - snowpeas on a bamboo tripod was bad idea. Turns into a giant jungle with snowpeas growing on the inside... peas need a trellis with horizontal bars). The wine barrel will house zucchini and cucumber for summer. I disattached the drop side from Posy's old cot to be a cool cucumber trellis. Maybe I will grow Tommy Toe tomatoes up there as well. Planning for the Summer garden is such fun. I went and bought seeds this afternoon, as most of mine were out of date. Now I have three years' worth of local seeds in paper packets for the same price as about five plastic punnets of seedlings, and I feel very good about that.

Meanwhile we are eating snowpeas, red chard, rocket, lettuce, rhubarb, artichokes, herbs, and plenty of lemons from the garden.

Well, less snowpeas now.


Planning for a summer garden is one of my great pleasures ... one that's fairly far from me right now. But we are doing some fall/winter gardening, and lots of little lettuces are starting to show their heads.

We grew lima beans on tripods once ... it was as you say. Big mess!

Have fun gardening!

you are eating so much from your own garden at the moment! i am eating just silverbeet and that is rapidly going to seed; and some sugarloaf cabbages and soon peas - i'm not sure if they are greenfeast to pod or sugar snaps.
and i'm lemon envious - i think i need to buy a new tree.
Jo said…
Frances, enjoy the winter garden, and a little winter rest!
e, I love my lemons, and planted six as a hedge along a fence. I may have gotten a teensy weensy bit carried away there... enjoy your silverbeet and peas, and the joys of warmer weather this week..

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