Pumpkin and Chocolate

Still eating the Mother's Day chocs. Not only did the Domestic Goddess make the chocolates, she also made the box, because she is the Origami Queen as well. I am grateful to be so loved.
Today I have the most fun and useful kitchen hint ever, passed on by the very clever and thrifty ladies on this forum. To reduce a whole pumpkin to manageable, chop-up-easily-for-soup size pieces, tie it up in a plastic bag and hurl it with force onto the nearest concrete surface. I did this on the pavers in our back courtyard yesterday, and it was so much fun. Usually, cutting up pumpkin is my least favourite dinner time job, and I'm always afraid I'll lose a finger, but this was hugely entertaining and very stress-relieving. Try it. You'll love it.


Good one Jo! Will try next time we have soup, a great stress buster for the afternoon blues. Thanks for your comment on my blog, i always thought i would do lots of cooking with my children, but either they were too young, benches too high, ran out of tim, they were too happy playing ...excuses, excuses, but I think at 4 and 6, they are best suited, and maybe I am a bit more patient...and i do have a big table for them to help me.
Big smiles from us x
Jo said…
Hi Manni, I can still remember all the times I gritted my teeth as eggshells got thrown in the cake mix - and the mess! But now I have children who cook dinner for me every week. So worth it! And all those memories for you at that big French farm table... go for it!
Jen said…
Hey Jo, didn't know you visited Simple Savings too? I have been a member there on and off for about 8 years.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

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