Goodbye Craft Clutter

After a lull of two months the renovations are going to begin creeping upstairs, without, it has to be said, having magically transformed downstairs into anything remotely resembling living space. There is some arcane building reason why this is so. It is not entirely clear to me. What is clear to me is that soon we will also be without a living room, which means our family of six will be living in three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and hallway. The hallway is where we will be storing everything from the living room. At the moment there is only room to walk down the hall one at a time, so downsizing even more is clearly in order. Our home office is my great uncle's old oak desk in the corner of the living room, with the family computer on top. It has seven drawers. In the hallway are two sets of old wooden factory drawers that house all the craft supplies. Twenty small drawers. The contents of the home office desk need to be transferred into the craft drawers. The craft supplies cannot be transferred anywhere else. If this sounds like one of those brain teaser puzzles, it is because it really is. I have not cleared out the craft drawers in years because it is really scary in there. Anytime anyone wants anything they rummage around in every single drawer to find it (or not) then shove things back wherever there is a tiny gap (or not). My hope was that the fairies would sort it, but to date, they have not. Bad fairies. Update tomorrow.


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