...And Here Is the News

Well, who knew? Twenty seven does go into twenty. The secret is in the garbage bags, the ones now reposing in the wheelie bin. Late night and early morning culling without the children was wonderfully recreational, then we tipped the contents of the rest of the drawers all over the living room floor, and the girls and I sorted and stacked with the aid of ziploc bags and a permanent marker. The only craft the girls regularly do now is cardmaking, hand sewing, knitting and beading, so I threw out everything else, and kept a tiny minimum of basics. Sewing kit, knitting needles, beads in the bead box, and all their card making bits in separate bags. Once we had an entire craft room, now four drawers, and two boxes of wool and fabric in the shed. I am such a happy woman. Each girl has their own drawer with current projects in. My drawer has the art materials that I don't want Posy to find - the charcoal, pastels and the blu-tack. Oh, the blu-tack. She eats it and sticks it in her hair. Oh, there are more art materials - we have one box of paints high up in the kitchen, a shelf of art paper, and a shelf of pencils and crayons. But that really is all. Not quite minimalism, but for us, the bowerbird family, a real step in that direction.

So that was the news. I know, if life was any more exciting...


Jen said…
Congrats Jo, on the sorting. I know what you mean about having to do it in the wee hours of the morning with no kids around. Toy boxes here get culled with them asleep. I mean, just how many Macca toys must we keep?

By the way did you know Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse is stopping blogging? I think you may have introduced me to her.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW
Recycled Relix said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog Jo - look forward to meeting you in Recycled Relix! Regards Cathy
GretchenJoanna said…
I linked to your site from Bread and Roses, and it's timely, as our house is also in upheaval from remodeling, and I am determined to put less of the stuff back in the cupboards and drawers afterward--so it's encouraging to hear of your efforts. I haven't had to do all this with children in the house, so you make my work look easy!
Is it Mother's Day there? If not, you can still think of us in the USA and rejoice in your children, so I wish you a Happy Mother's Day!
Jo said…
Jen, you are so right, there are some things you just have to sort without the children. Mine become emotionally attached to bits of special string!
Cathy, I am so coming to your shop this week, but I think it is a very bad idea, considering the space issues I am contending with. Please don't let me buy anything!
And Gretchen Joanna, all the best with that decluttering. Doesn't it feel wonderful to put less back into a cupboard than you take out! And thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. My dear family looked after me well.

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