Season of Self-Expression

It's winter and here I am in the garden in the rain. Reasons I love winter:

Lighting the fire and gazing at it for hours.
Putting all the blankets on the bed. Flannelette sheets. Waking up in the morning under layers of heavy blankets inside a cocoon of fluffy sheets.
Hot chocolate.
Baking bread.
Stomping through the bush in big boots and my rain coat.
Chopping wood.
Pink sunsets and dawns. Dawns that happen at a reasonable time of the day for appreciating.

These are all sterling qualities of winter. But the absolutely best part of winter is not feeling compelled to:

Wear a bra.
Use deodorant.
Shower every day.

Alongside my ongoing lack of interest in wearing make up or dyeing my hair, this means that winter is the season that just lets me be me. Thanks, winter.


Anonymous said…
Lovely! I have embraced letting me be me, gray hair and all! Hah! The freedom!
Treaders said…
I think we really are meant to hibernate aren't we! Anna
Beznarf27 said…
Winter is my favourite season. Its indoors ALL the way, I spend hours wafting around in Brunhilda's blissful heat pretending that I am Mary Poppins doing ALL of the things. I stopped shaving myself last century. I figured the "France" part of my name allowed me to adopt their hirsute ways ;) I just sent you an email about how excited I am about finding all kinds of ways to use sourdough starter. You can even use it to make muesli. I am just about to go outside, climb a eucalyptus tree and throttle one of our feral roosters! Have a lovely day :)
Bev said…
Hi there,

I'm a new reader, (thanks to Fran Pimblett) and I loved that post. You've just made me appreciate winter like I never have before and for all the same reasons. Thank you.
Meg said…
Love Winter, season of snuggling up in warm hot-water bottle heated sheets! Now I just need a dog who recognises that the sun is rising later in the morning and that he really isn't hungry at 5:30a.m.! Meg;)
Anonymous said…
Tick. Tick. Tick....
And wind. I know that puts me in a small minority, but I love to walk in a good blustery wind.
Thanks for the positives, Jo.

Linda in NZ
simplelife said…
Autumn first closely followed by winter. Yep to all those things except I don't bake bread, I do however make an awesome doorstop! And I shower every day, peri menopause, say no more .
I love the cold, rigging up, snuggling up or filling up on carbs and hot beverages. It's the best.

Cheers Kate
simplelife said…
Rugging up not rigging autocorrect sigh
Jo said…
Patricia, oh yes, I am loving getting older for the reason that I just don't care any more about so many things that I once thought were important. So good.

Anna, hibernating is a goal of mine. One day I will have my life arranged so it is possible:)

Fran, I know you really are Mary Poppins. I'm sure she didn't shave either. She would have thought it preposterous. I am so excited about your sour dough experiments, although I am failing with visulaising the muesli.. and, i can totally see you up the tree strangling the rooster. I think that rooster had better look out..

Bev, welcome, thanks to the lovely Fran! I have to admit that winter ticks a lot of boxes for me:)

Meg, dogs, cats and small children, all of them have inexorable inner breakfast clocks..

Linda, I am not keen on wind except in small doses and only if I have my windproof jacket on.. wind and wild rain on a winter afternoon while I am inside in front of the fire - that is the best way to enjoy wind.

Kate, mmm, winter carbs. And all those layers of clothes that hide the effects of the winter carbs..
Deborah said…
Winter means my enormous warm winter dressing gown, stews in the slow cooker, endless soup made from chicken stock, whoops, I mean bone broth and reevaluating the garden while it's a bit bare. Cosy winter things before the blistering heat of Western Australia's heat. Love the contrast. Now, I;m trying to decide about the grey hair.....
Jo said…
Deborah, go the grey! Some of my good friends went grey early, have decided to embrace it, and look stunning with their silver locks, although the one with the two-year-old keeps getting mistaken for his granny.. my hair is still mostly visibly brown but is a lovely silver underneath. I can't wait for it all to be silver. Silver is so much more distinguished that boring brown..

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