Guess Who's Coming for Dinner (Over and Over Again...)?

Several months ago my parents started talking about retiring an hour south from where they live. And I said, "Why don't you move to Tasmania? Because then I can look after you when you are old, and, well, grandchildren." So they thought about it for a while and gamely agreed to come and look at houses in Tasmania, and just to make sure, they came here in the dead of winter, to see whether the weather was really as bad as rumour has it (they have most avoided visiting in the depths of July). It is. But they found a dear little village and a new church and some lovely new friends. They are such troopers, they put their house up for sale and came to look for a house here, and accidentally sold their house in less than a week. Then they had to rush back home and pack up their house and say good-bye to their old life in the space of three weeks.

Tomorrow morning they will return to Tasmania 'for keeps'. They are currently homeless, but luckily I run a boarding house for homeless parents. They are such brave adventurers, starting a whole new life here, and I feel very happy that I will have some extended family close by.

Now we have to find them a house..


Unknown said…
Oh how awesome is this news. Lucky you. Such an adventure. My 85 years old Mum has sold her house and bought another and she is in that middle land where it is all confusing and emotional having to pack, give things away, sign endless pieces of paper and shift money around. I called her today and she sounded frightened. Sometimes its hard being a full state away but she is being a big girl and so will i. Glenda and I will go home for the weekend of the big move where we will join a dozen or so other family members. The plan is to have one crew at one house, one crew driving, one crew at the new house.

Im so pleased for you and the girls.
Anonymous said…
Does the Tasmanian govt know you are acting as an immigration department for them? Encouraging internal migration. If you're not careful you'll have your Emerald Isle overpopulated. But luckily with likeminded people.

Hang on. I know the real reason. So you never have to get on a plane again.

Enjoy your parents!

Did I tell you, when I asked Mr S what happens if I love Tassie and want to live there? He said well we move. But after visiting Victoria that might be better. The ditch stops people people able to drive to you. But we will see.
Jo said…
Oh Lynda, what a lovely family you have, all pitching in to help your mum. Yes, I want to have mum and dad here so we can be close by each other when we need each other. It will be the first time in our adult lives that we have even lived in the same state, so, interesting times:)

Lucinda, you have rumbled me. Yes, I am sneakily attempting to lure my whole family over so I will never have to hop on a plane again.. but of course, you can drive - on the ferry.. and yes, come January I will be indoctrinating you too. Mr Sans would LOVE to live in Tasmania:)
Unknown said…
your mom and dad are lucky to have such a loving daughter - they most have done a few things right! :)
Unknown said…
PS. Mum battled through with bank and solicitors yesterday and by the end of the day settlement had taken place. Moving day is now only one week away. Arghhhhh Im going to have to abandon my family to join the circus in NSW. Mum was laughing today. I told her that is why she had 6 kids, so we could all look after her when she got old. "OLD?" she exclaims. LOL

Jo said…
Alyssa, lovely to meet you:) Yes, I have lovely parents, although truth be told our relationship has not always been straightforward or easy. But we are family and we keep going:)

Lynda, so pleased to hear your mum battling on. She sounds like a trooper! Enjoy your circus. I am sure your mum will have a ball with all of you around, and I'm pleased that she is not 'old' yet:) I don't intend to be old ever either. I'm aiming for wise, then dead..

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