It's the Little Things...

If little things can make us happy, then the possibilities for daily happiness increase enormously. It doesn't take much to make us happy here at Chez Blueday, so we are very happy indeed.

A friend invited us over for afternoon tea on a grey, rainy Sunday afternoon. Tea from the teapot with the beautiful family heirloom tea cups. Good conversation, happy children, a bunch of cheerful golden chard gifted to us on the way out through the kitchen garden (well, to be honest, Posy tried very hard to politely decline that, but I overruled her objection).

Picking lemons from my lemon trees in the bleak mid-winter, and piling them up in a bowl in the kitchen to bring the sunshine back in.

Posy found her old 'Songs and Poems' book from years ago, and while we washed the dishes we sang her old favourites, from 'Never Smile at a Crocodile' to 'Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious'.

Posy wanted to drag her mattress off her bed and add all the cushions from the living room couch to make a 'whole room bed' to sleep in last night (with the dog), and I said 'Yes'. Now she wants to make a fort around it, and I said 'Yes' to that too. There is string and sheets and drawing pins and sticky tape involved. Sigh.

There is a blanket of snow on the mountains, and it looks like a scene from The Sound of Music out of our front windows.

When I drag myself out of the front door to walk the dog there is pink blossom and daffodils in neighbourhood gardens. It may nearly be Spring!

It is not my turn to cook dinner tonight.

For nearly twenty years my very dear friend Jane and I have been bringing each other flowers from each other's gardens, when we are sick or tired or happy, or have a new baby, or just because. This week The Girl has been poorly. Her best buddy, Jane's daughter, brought The Girl flowers from her garden. This makes me so happy. A second generation of therapeutic garden posies begins:)

After thinking very hard, I believe that there is only one thing lacking in my life right now, and that is chocolate. But I feel that this tiny fly in the ointment could be fairly easily remedied.. and our happiness will be complete.

Tell me about your small happy moments.


Anonymous said…
Reading your blog and imagining seeing a mountain topped with snow and how much fun it would be to be your darling daughter with a bedroom of bed and looking at the dog lying like a little doll. These have brought me joy.

And knowing I've caught up with your blog.

And my heated Aldi throw.

And being so silly that staff and kids shake their heads and laugh. (Or slowly back away.)
Jo said…
Lucinda, it gives me great joy to see you back on the blog, yours and mine:) Enjoy your cosy throw, your Friday evening, and terrorizing everyone at your work place xx
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

Very sweet. Hmm, chocolate is good!

Jo said…
Chris, I can see you are thinking about it right now, aren't you!
Mimi said…
Jo, yours and Annabels blogs, my freshly painted short nails, English Breakfast tea in a pot, a posy of home grown lavender tied with ecru lace hanging from the corner of my computer screen, my dog, my daughters hilarious drama performance last night, my family. They're the smiles in my day today. What a special post...I love the bouquet tradition. Just gorgeous. Mimi xxx
Jo said…
Thanks Mimi lovey:) And I didn't realise, before our very first dog came to live with us last year, how very much it means to have a dog who always loves you, no matter what.
gretchenjoanna said…
The joys of winter and home... a good read :-)
Jo said…
Dear Gretchen Joanna, I do hope you found the comment I left on your post this morning. It unnervingly disappeared when I pressed 'publish'! I spent last night reading your updated blog, and I do want you to know how much I am thinking of you right now xx
Unknown said…
Reading your post and glancing down to see two little legs poking out of the sheets between us. Her head is down lower and she is laying on her back with her fluffy little rear legs splayed apart. I can see the pink skin on her tummy that is so soft and covered in little black spots. We both smile at each other and share a lovely moment of shared love for our little girl Tilly.
gretchenjoanna said…
Jo, I just checked the spam folder and your comment was there! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words.
Jo said…
Aw, Lynda, puppy love:)

Gretchen Joanna, glad you found it. Sending extra hugs xx
sorry i'm late to this ... these 'small things' make me happy too. birds singing. a new flower out. blur sky and sunshine! and sometimes, when the people I work with have been crappy all day, the kindness of a stranger in the supermarket makes me forget all the stress.

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