Declutter Week Five: Bathroom, Laundry, and Assorted Other Rooms

To tell the truth I am getting a little bored with decluttering and spring cleaning. But no matter. We are not doing this because it is fun, we are doing it because clean and tidy is worth more to us than the fleeting pleasures of lolling in the garden with a good book. Hang on, is it really? Well, let's just say, we will be so absolutely pleased and smug as we loll in the garden with a good book while also knowing we are unlikely to contract a respiratory disease from the mould spores in the bathroom. Also, we will be able to find that pesky last umbrella when it comes on to rain and we have one chapter to go. Yay us.

So this week - the bathroom. Bathroom cupboards are appalling places for clutter to accumulate, almost all of it absolute rubbish, because we all use up products and throw the bottle back in the cupboard. We also collect samples and tiny bottles which proliferate and possibly breed under the sink. And what about those other products that seemed like a good idea at the time, but really weren't, and have been languishing since 2004 because we spent good money on them and can't bear to throw them out?

The solution to all of this is a) a bin bag, and b) a steely determination not to let any of this back in our house. Truth is I use about five make-up products and three skin care products. The girls might use a couple more. We buy the same shampoo week in, week out, and really, what we would appreciate more than endless choice, is a lovely clear space where we can find everything we want early in the morning without tipping everything out of the cabinet to get to it.

Luckily, a couple of months ago I cleared out a couple of years' worth of disgusting detritus, so this week I will only need to go decluttering lite. The laundry, however, is another prospect altogether. Ugh. It is full of messy things that I have just dumped there, plus lots of containers of mostly used up laundry liquid etc, that have been 'draining' for about two weeks now (think all that laundry liquid is at the bottom yet?) It will require a major overhaul. Also, between the laundry and the bathroom is what we call the 'back porch', but it is basically a mudroom that our back door opens out of. It houses an old wardrobe full of coats, hats, dirty shoes, umbrellas and shopping bags. There are baskets of hot water bottles, spare light globes and string on top of the wardrobe, and also an army of noxious spray cans to kill every bug known to man, because The Man is not a nature lover. Ants, spiders and flies make him very cross. All of this needs some attention. When The Boy was young I knitted him a fabulous gnome hat. Recently he went to a 'Bad Hat' party, and thought the gnome hat would be perfect, completely disregarding my delicate snowflake feelings. Anyway, I was doubtful he would even find the hat, but there it was, at the bottom of the hat basket in back porch closet, not having been moved in the fourteen or so years since he last wore it. So I think it be Time.

Now cleaning. Mainly the bathroom ceiling. Mould. And dead bugs. I think I will offer Rosy significant bribes to climb the ladder and solve that problem for me.  Plus, the laundry window is also pretty mouldy. Should do something about that.

That all might keep me out of trouble this week. After that, I think I will consider myself done, and start concentrating on finishing planting the garden and considering Christmas.

Tell me about your cleaning and decluttering adventures this week..


CJ said…
You're doing a sterling job, and I think the end is in sight. Keep inspiring me please. CJ xx
Jo said…
No CJ, YOU need to inspire ME!
Unknown said…
A light-hearted look at the everyday was just what i needed after gardening in a hot north wind. Even if it involved housework.
Jo said…
Never nice to garden in the wind. I can't decide whether a hot or cold wind is worse. Kudos to you for persevering:)
I'm amazed by what I find in our bathroom cabinets if it's been a while since I last looked. I'm getting better about not buying products that promise much more than they'll ever deliver (perfect, wrinkle-free skin), but nonetheless, there's always evidence of some mad self-improvement kick or another. Also: bathtub toys. My boys are 12 and 15. I think the rubber duckies can go, don't you?

Jo said…
Oh no, not the rubber duckies! I finally tossed ours out when they went mouldy. This is not a good look for a rubber duck:(
And it's a shame about those anti-wrinkle creams, isn't it? I keep futiley telling my girls to stay out of the sun, but they aren't listening either. Although when I show them my wrinkly hands, they do briefly pause for thought..
Jen's Busy Days said…
Our old house was literally old, as in over one hundred years old, amd would get mould in the bathroom and toilet. I found that a good wipe down and dry off with the appropriate Enjo glove kept it away for a year or two. Not a fun jov on the ceiling though. I used their mop with its handle extended to do the high ceilings.

Good luck with the cleaning,
Jen in Qld (finally)
Aly said…
Darling Jo, do you do anything but declutter and clean? I am getting worried! Love Aunty Aly.
PS. Feel free to pop over to the lovely Adelaide Hills and clean my bathroom and laundry any time xx
Unknown said…
Not only are those tiny bottles an eyesore, but they could als oaccumulate grime and dirt, making them unsanitary. It's always a good idea to get rid of stuff you don't need and use, so that what's left are organized neatly, and won't be a mess to clean up after. Thanks for sharing!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Company
Tracy said…
I had a conversation with 14yo Mr Busy just this morning about dead containers in the laundry. It went something like this:

"When you finish a bottle or container, what you do is pick it up like this *picked up the containers* and walk it up to the bin. At some point you will get asked to empty that bin and then voila - the rubbish will be in the bin and the bin men will take it away".

He grunted somewhat acquiescently. Really I think he meant "whatever you say Mum" and has no intention of remembering my demonstration or instruction.

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