World's Yummiest Vegan Chocolate Cake

Here, as promised, The World's Yummiest Chocolate Cake, which, as a surprising bonus, is egg and dairy free, and therefore vegan as well. The recipe came from a friend whose adorable two year old is severely allergic to dairy and eggs. She in turn found it in a years' old Women's Weekly magazine. We use it when we run out of eggs.

World's Yummiest Vegan Chocolate Cake

1 1/2 cups plain flour (all purpose flour)
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
1/2 cocoa
1 cup castor sugar (or any sugar, I substitute freely)
100ml rice bran oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp apple cider (or white wine) vinegar
1 cup water

Preheat oven to 160C
Sift flour, bicarb, cocoa, sugar and pinch of salt.
Whisk oil, vanilla, vinegar and water in jug.
Pour wet ingredients into dry and stir until combined.
Bake for 30 mins or until skewer comes out clean.
Cool in pan for 15 mins.

Yum yum. Ice as desired. The Girl has determined that the average cake requires 1 cup of icing sugar to ice the top. She has a scientific mind, and works these things out. I never even thought of measuring in the 20 years I have been baking. That is why I will never take up Chemistry.

Also, do not do as I just did and accidently set the oven on 200C instead of 160C. I am afraid it will be very dry. Luckily the one in the photo above was made by Rosy. Clearly I should just stay out of the kitchen.


Tammy said…
Yummy! I might have to try this for Valentine's Day!!!!

DM said…
Hello, what is the measurement for the cocoa? 1/2 cup? Thanks, it looks delicious
Anonymous said…
Cheers for the excellent share Jo :). We all need a good cake recipe that we can whip up at the last minute to deliver "cake" on a plate with a cuppa or something for a lunch box and if it doesn't need eggs or butter or milk what a bonus? Anyone has most of those ingredients sitting on their pantry shelves. I have a humble date cake from the C.W.A. cookbook (that I found here when we inherited the house) that Steve loves. It can be whipped up, poured into a loaf tin and chucked in the covered bbq and everyone seems to love it. I am going to give this cake a go today. I think after yesterdays DISGUSTING heat, we all need something to sweeten our dispositions ;)
Jo said…
Tammy, it would be a perfect chocolatey Valentine's treat. Just melts in the mouth!
Welcome DM, yes you did read that right, 1/2 CUP cocoa. Very, very chocolatey! Because it is important to get all those antioxidants in the diet, right?
Fran, this is a brilliant quick cake to make, especially when you get the oven temp right! I am afraid last night's effort will have to be turned into trifle. And wasn't yesterday awful! That's why I was baking at 9pm, couldn't face it before then. Have to whip up another one now for this afternoon's BBQ. Silly me :(
Bek said…
Sounds delicious! I love the idea of such a simple cake. I always get cake cravings, then realise I don't have some of the ingredients (chocolate/eggs/butter) and then can't be bothered going out to the shops JUST for those. So I suffer from cake-craving-withdrawal. Now I never need suffer again. Cheers! And cheers to Posy for her scientific mind.
Evi said…
I had to laugh this morning…I read your recipe yesterday and then today, unbeknownst to me, my 13yo son made a cake almost identical to this one!!! When he showed me the recipe he had used, I remembered this one!! Sadly, I won't be trying it, but I'm sure it will be enjoyed to the utmost by my offspring!!!
Jo said…
Bek, this is the ultimate store-cupboard cake, isn't it? I am so glad to be ending some suffering in the world:)
Evi, serendipity is the word of the day. I shouldn't be eating cake I'm sure, but do anyway.. and the good part about having lots of children is that there is generally very little cake left, so overindulging is rarely an option!
Is rice bran oil a common ingredient in your neck of the woods? The cake looks delicious. I'm assuming that because it's vegan that it's calorie-free?

Jo said…
Frances, I had never heard of rice bran oil until I made this, and there it was, right on the supermarket shelf. I imagine any light, tasteless, nutritionless oil would suffice! I also imagine, though I haven't tried it, that melted butter might work as well? But that might be completely wrong, so don't blame me if it doesn't work..
And naturally being vegan it is calorie free, I mean look at peanut butter for instance.. very slimming..
fabulous! my mum and i were baking together last week and she has started this thing of preheating the oven to 200... but this time she forgot to turn it back to 180. how to proceed with a cake that was completly browned and baked on the outisde, but raw in the middle. i told mum that was a bad habit to get into it!
PS i am enjoying catching up on your posts. you are so prolific, i'm envious!
Jo said…
I feel proud to be on the same baking plane as your mum, e!
thank you again jo for sharing this with me. good to have up your sleeve for pantry crisis like no eggs as well as ethical eating :-)

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