Advent Contemplation

So I was at the school carol service last night, thinking, 'This is the moment where I can meditate on the meaning of Christmas.' The lovely old chapel with stained glass windows, lit with candles, and the the choir (including The Girl) singing like angels up in the gallery. What could be more conducive to calm thoughts about peace on earth? I was just settling in to a state of quiet contemplation when half way through the third lesson I felt a jab in the ribs from a sharp little elbow.

'Mum!' hissed Posy, 'What was Jesus' surname?'

Mood of calm contemplation punctured in an instant. Several carols and lessons later I decided that Jesus' surname was likely Carpenter, at least for the first thirty years, after which it was probably something like Dangerous Dissident or Hope of the World, depending on who you asked.

That is as far as I got with my meditating.
Is anyone else achieving meaningful Christmas contemplations?


Anonymous said…
Nope...sorry...still under the bed with my fingers in my ears ;). Hopefully you didn't get any dud eggs in the last batch I sent you. My chooks were all being bolshie and hiding with their nests and even though I tested the eggs quite a few of them were part way to chickendom. I found a nest in Steve's shed that are "safe". Did you still want some eggs this week? Steve can drop them off in the next couple of days if you do :)
Jo said…
Perfect eggs so far Fran, would love some more - would you like some lemons? Enjoy hibernating under the bed. That sounds very relaxing. I might have a go..
Lovely and sweet comment from your baby- I remember wondering this too when I was little :)
Too cute little Posy!
Hope you are able to revist your contemplative state v.soon.
cheers Wendy
Unknown said…
FYI - Jesus was known as Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph, of the family of David. That would be King David. In Hebrew it was Yeshua (this is how my mother who is not Jewish refers to him). Translate this to Greek and it became Iesodus and then translate that to English and it becomes Jesus. The meaning of all of these is "savior". Christ means the anointed one and so you end up with Jesus Christ - the anointed savior.

They didnt use surnames back then.

Nope not contemplating Christmas at all. Just trying to put the brakes on the spending by my two Aspie's who see it as a free for all. There is no tomorrow, only today and today i want..... I get sad at this time of year. I miss my big family back home and all the fuss and trimmings and time spent together.

Unknown said…
Oh, sorry that sounded gloomy - Joy to the World - today i ate my first tomatoes of the season in my lunchtime salad. Yummmmmmm
Jo said…
Mrs Frantic, I never even wondered this as a child. Maybe I never had an enquiring mind!
Wendy, did some contemplative baking today. Listened to Christmas carols, and was blissfully alone, with no-one asking curly theological questions.
Lynda, Posy should so come and live with you - you have all the answers. Just what a 9yo needs! I am hearing your sadness at being apart from your family. Sounds like you need some support to rein in those men of yours! Hoping they are buying stuff you need. Could you give them a list?
Tomatoes already? Well done you:)
Unknown said…
That would be a NO on the stuff we need. Son is asking for a white laptop, must be white. There are six computers in our house including 2 laptops and Son never leaves the house. Huh! Hubby with my blessing is going for a big rolling tool cabinet for the garage, you know those blue or red ones at Bunnings. At least this will help with decluttering or at least organising his stuff. Ive been very busy selling things to pay for their gifts. Nope, no list, i am already the evil queen and besides we dont NEED anything and i dont WANT anything. Ive just decluttered and there is still more to go. Ive asked for no presents but a couple of days rest, away. They are not so keen on this one. Sometimes i ask if they would like me to breathe for them too. It feels like it. Got to love autism X 2. What a grump i am today. My 50th is in March. Ive said no presents and no party. I want a driving tour of Tassie and i plan to visit for afternoon tea so be warned all of you. Must admit im scared of Narf's dogs.
Heather said…
Not yet. Only two more weeks. I've got to find that spirit!
not much christmas spirit here at chez Dig In, but then we are all adults - no grandchildren or children or younguns. not to say we're all bah humbug, but i think it's very different to when you have little ones to get excited about santa or to ask what jesus' surname was ;-)
i think there is too much pressure on people to have a christmas filled with expensive gifts and mastercheffy food and so much jollity - i think it causes undue anxiety for many people. so we try to step back from all of that and just focus on family.
i'll get down from my soapbox now.
Jo said…
Lynda, my husband covets one of those rolling tool chests. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, our steep block with a million stairs and slopes doesn't make that very practical. He will have to CARRY his tools himself into the forseeable future. Last year we went camping the week before Christmas, and it was BRILLIANT, no shops!
I do have friends who live with aspergers, it is just not fun. Show them The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard, and see if they veer the other way. They may never buy anything agin:)
And I will be so excited to see you for afternoon tea, getting my best china out as we speak!
Heather, I guess we could just continue being grumpy. That is my plan:) I won't tell anyone if you don't..
e, enjoy your lovely family Christmas. Ours will be lovely too, right after the ballet concert on the weekend:)
Unknown said…
Mission accomplished. I played the Yutube of The Story of Stuff on my PC really loud so Hubby could hear in the next room. When it finished i asked if he had any comment. His response was "its over simplified but yeah she's right". So my next question was "which system do you want to belong too?" His response was "do we have a choice?". Of course we do, i say. Lots of people are making choices for change and i listed my blog friends starting with Gav from The Greening of Gavin. Hmmmm, he's gone quiet, so ill leave him to his thoughts.

Jo said…
Oh Lynda, well done you. So much change starts with a conversation and a role model. You are such a great role model, and now the conversation has started. It's tricky starting to change within a family, because everyone has a vote and an opinion, and it is so hard to do something different, and create a new mindset, but what could be more rewarding than starting a conversation about values within a family? Scary sometimes, but rewarding:)
jo! i hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas. i have so enjoyed knowing you this year. take care, happy holidays, and see you in 2014! e XX

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