Escaping Christmas Mayhem

When Christmas preparations get a bit insane - the Bluedays go camping. Well, this actually made Christmas preparations more insane, but at least we got to sit by a river for a couple of days as a calming interlude.

Because it is hard to be stressed when walking under giant tree ferns...

or dabbling toes in a waterfall..
There was a platypus in the river, and wrens and robins and wallabies and possums, and toasted marshmallows around the campfire, and I think my back is permanently ricked to one side due to dodgy camping sleeping arrangements, so all par for the course, really, camping-wise.
Now we are back for the Night Before Christmas, preceded by the day before the Night Before Christmas, which includes a house full of camping gear, half wrapped presents and fights over the sticky tape, last minute dashes to the supermarket for forgotten ingredients, but also homegrown srawberries, and homegrown raspberries from friends for the traditional Christmas Day chocolate pavlova, The Boy playing his guitar, the girls doing cartwheels on the lawn, The Girl humming in the kitchen. The Man and I are truly blessed, slightly manic, but very thankful.
I would like to leave you, as a Christmas treat, the remarkable sight of Posy walking on water.
There, I knew you would love it.
Merry Christmas to all...




Jen's Busy Days said…
Hope you had a good day.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW
Jo said…
Thanks Jen, it was lovely, hope you and yours happy as well, and that you got to sit down today with a nice cup of tea..

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