Christmas Craft for the Manifestly Incompetent

I really don't do craft. It is NOT MY THING. However, it is the thing of three girls I know, who are clever and artistic, so there are two sets of old card catalogue drawers in the dining room (I rescued them from The Man's workplace several years ago). They are choc-a-bloc with every conceivable bit and bob that might come in handy one day for creating marvellous things.

I rarely buy any craft supplies, except for glue sticks and sticky tape. Grandma sends parcels of collected ribbons, lace, stickers and shiny paper, and I save every piece of coloured paper, card and ribbon that comes into the house, and file them into the designated drawer. You might be imagining a lovely, organised Martha Stewart-style craft set up here. Well, don't. There are children involved. No matter how often I reorganise it (OK, not so often), it entropies back into a glorious tangle of craft supplies, and sometimes you can find what you were after, but mostly you use whatever is on top...

And this is the theme of Christmas craft this year. Using up what we have, and not buying new stuff until we have no old stuff anymore... So I am wrapping up Christmas parcels, reusing last year's Christmas bags and paper, of course, and I came to the last of the gift tags, and so spent a surprisingly relaxing half hour making more out of reclaimed card, and some stickers I found in the drawers.

And, just so you know there is more talent in the house than I display myself, here are past creations from the rest of the Blueday family.

The Girl, assorted embroidery thread from Grandma Hazel's stash on red felt.

Rosy, felt and dolly peg angel, with bead trimming and gold pipecleaner accessory. Also, in background, polystyrene ball bauble with glued-on fabric strips, a Posy school project (sadly I had to miss parent help that day...).

Posy, felt and beads again, with much patient assistance from a big sister.
And the last voluntary craft The Boy indulged in, this star he made at playgroup when he was two...


mmm, try again.
home made christmas decorations you will treasure forever, even when they become old and tatty.
Anonymous said…
Those homemade decorations are lovely. I have to admit that I recently retired all the playgroup ones, and bought all new matchy matchy ones from Myer. Not sure what kind of mother that makes me???
Jo said…
e, yes, mine - incompetent, children's - adorable
Jo, that makes you the kind of mother who doesn't have glitter on her carpet.. I know I will have to let go of the 17yo cardboard star one day.. The Boy could care less, but I'm not quite ready yet..
So nice to have crafty children! I'm actually shocked how few child-made ornaments we have on the tree. Must be because we end up giving them away. We have several my husband made when he was a child, and those are my boys' favorites.

Merry Christmas!
Jo said…
Yes, well you will notice, Frances, that there is one single ornament by The Boy, and I suspect I made most of it, and he sprinkled glitter everywhere before going back to play with the cars, as mostly happens with small boys...

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