An Autumn Birthday Tea Party

Because tea parties are deliciously fun even when your age begins with a ....four....and is then also followed by another number. I am loving school. It means I get to have a party with my friends without inviting the children. But don't feel too bad for them. They came home and ate up all the cake, and then I had another party with them later, and they got to eat even more cake.

In the spirit of not accumulating more possessions I asked The Girl to bake for my party as my birthday present. She has recently added biscotti to the long list of yummy things she bakes, and she also made some truly marvellous fig and macadamia fudge.

The Man bought me new compost bins: recycled plastic, Australian made, from our local hardware, my favourite kind of shopping. And The Boy, for my present, spent two hours forking all the compost from my old compost bin, a hulking monster made out of pallets, into the new ones. He is a star. I now have a wheelbarrow full of finished compost for the garden, and lots of new compost brewing. I am one happy, older gardener. Oh, and The Boy chopped up the pallets from the old compost bin so we can use it for firewood. Waste not, want not and no new net possessions there.

Happy Birthday to me....


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