What Virginia Woolf Didn't Know

While Virginia Woolf proved to everyone's satisfaction that 'a room of one's own' is vital if a woman is to write fiction, what has never been satifactorily examined are the minimum requirements for the writing of a very minor blog.

My trouble in the past has been that every time I have a minute, there is somebody already on the family computer, busily taking over the world (what are manufacturers of computer games thinking? Teenagers don't need any encouragement of their instinctive proclivities for world domination), writing the Great Australian Novel, dressing up Barbie or ordering essential technical widgets from ebay. Mummy writing a blog just doesn't rate on the scale of vital IT activities.

But here I am, finally clicking on the NEW POST tab. The minimum reqirements? A third hand laptop, an armchair in the corner, and ear plugs. A room of my own? Imagine the bliss! Will be happening sometime after the second child leaves home. Until then, a laptop of my very own, and a tiny bit of headspace. Oh, and finding the cord thingy that connects the camera to the computer. That would be nice too.


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