Autumn as Metaphor

The last leaves of Autumn are floating down, and in a few hours it will be winter. As the trees have been shedding their leaves this season, I have been right there with them, shedding possessions in a decluttering frenzy, breathing in that bright crisp air which is whispering, 'You don't need all these leaves, float them down, let them go.'

Not that a casual visitor would be struck by an atmosphere of minimalism here at Chez Blue Day. Far from it. The entire decor screams, 'Six untidy people live here, and one still tips chocolate milk on the carpet.' We have a ways to go, but the end is in sight. Every time I sweep through the house yet again with garbage bag in hand (family members huddled protectively over their favourite possessions) I manage to find more stuff that we don't need, want or even like. How does it all get here? Nobody seems to know. Stuff just happens. My new mission - to prevent stuff getting in the front door so I don't have to deal with it once it is here.

School holidays again, and our big project is to bake all the chocolate chip cookie recipes and decide once and for all which is the best one. Then we can recycle all the inferior recipes, float them away on the wind, six less pieces of paper baggage to carry in to Winter...


Anonymous said…
Uncluttering! it is a daily thing to do isnt it, i loved your thoughts on autumn and the shedding of the leaves, to bring freshness and simplicity. It is the same with our household bits and pieces, how do they get in the front door???? Love to hear your thoughts on life and children jo, you are a great mother, one i admire for many things!!
Love Manni x
jungle_mama said…
Oh Jo, you do make me laugh! My children are the same when I get on a cleaning binge. By the way have you tried reading your last line out loud. ...six less pieces of paper baggage... can be quite a tongue twister.

Jen in NSW
Jo said…
Thanks for your cheering comments girls - I will win the war on clutter! I think I will go for security sreening at the front door to prevent clutter incursions!
I have concluded that "stuff" gets together in dark corners and multiplies, sending its progeny out to invade the domain of hapless humans.

It's all I can come up with, short of admitting to allowing too many Happy Meal toys through the door myself, and I refuse to admit that.

Jo said…
That's the spirit, never admit to anything. My children are learning the poem 'Mr Nobody'. He gets a lot of blame around here...

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