Happy Days

The Domestic Goddess knows that there is no occasion which cannot be improved by a cupcake. Hence these chocolate ganache beauties, to celebrate our first morning of lessons. I think that all has gone well so far. I did panic a little when the Domestic Goddess requested more structure in our lessons this year, because I am really not very good at structure. But for my darling girl, I will try anything. So yesterday, we were scheduled to the minute, and amazingly, it worked really well. Today we had a very relaxed morning - I have scheduled a regular history project for late Friday morning, but we haven't done any history yet. So we went swimming instead. Early this morning we headed out for our first nature sketching outing for the year, to one of the jewels of parks that our town is studded with. A perfect warm sunny morning. We had our bird book, and our insect book, and sketched a very fetching little (alas, unidentified) golden beetle, which scuttled endearingly all over Posy while the girls drew it. The Domestic Goddess stalked a family of Native Swamp Hens and drew them as well. It was all very nice, just how I imagined homeschooling would always be... I know now that it nearly always isn't, so I treasure the golden moments.

On the cleaning front - well, Thursday came around again rather quickly. Due to the clutter reduction programme the bedroom floors have never been so clear, so they are now cleaner than they have been, well, ever probably. Vaccuuming the easiest ever. I am now looking at surfaces. Desks, the girls' dressing tables, my bedside table. My goal this week is to be able to dust without breaking anything. That means taking everything off the surfaces, and preventing stuff getting back on. I tend to use bedrooms, especially my own, as places to throw stuff so that the rest of the house looks reasonably tidy. It will be a huge effort to break that handy little habit. Still, I didn't imagine I would be looking at floor in the bedrooms this week either. Floor! It's positively remarkable.


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