Many days of silence. Broken computer. Am using son's homework model. Now know why he complains. It is very, very slow. Well, here is the thing. Am really rather bored with the whole cleaning gig. And tired. Have been working harder at housework type activities in the last couple of weeks than have in years. Might be going into decline precipitated by cleaning induced exhaustion. And the really discouraging part? It really isn't very obvious. If I am going to make heroic efforts, especially at something as tedious as cleaning, I like to be noticed. Problem is, we are living in renovation mayhem. In a house that looks like it might be part of a slum clearance project. We still have too much stuff to clean around, and a tribe of short people who also live here regularly plunge all horizontal surfaces into creative chaos. And they are here all the time. For the past two years the girls have been way from home three days a week, and one glorious day each week I was home alone. It was too, too delicious. Imagine a whole day, with the only mess created being a tea cup on the sink. And now they are home all the time. And oh, it is fun to have them home. They are sweethearts. But they make so much mess. I think they have a mandate from their union. And girl mess includes several hundred tiny Barbie accessories, and also CRAFT. The tiny pieces of paper, wrapped in other pieces of paper, stuffed in little cardboard boxes studded with tiny beads...lovingly stuffed into a sock for the dollies' Christmas. Multiply that by the number of dollies and imagine the glue on the table, floors, and walls, and all the tiny pieces of paper that never made it into the box, and then remember that there are three more hours of the afternoon, and that it is indeed possible for five little girls to remove almost everything from a bedroom and relocate it into the sandpit (sorry, desert island), and then decide to wash the Barbies' hair in the bathroom without, it has to be said, washing any of the sand from any of the aforementioned five little girls first, and you may begin to wonder, as I am doing, whether a project to become a model housekeeper is really a good idea at all, under the circumstances....


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