All Creatures Great And Small

Today I met this elegant, but unimpressed fellow while I was cutting wood in the forest at Paul's place. He or she is a very well-fed blue tongue lizard who is clearly hoping I will go away soon. I love cutting wood in the forest for so many reasons, such as getting to associate with blue tongue lizards and playing with my baby electric chainsaw, but also because it sounds as if I am inhabiting a Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

The most exciting thing though, was when I discovered a wild beehive in a hollow tree trunk. I took this photo back up to the house to show Paul.
"Guess what?" I said, "I've found a thing you have always wanted, and it's in your own forest!"
"A yacht?" asked Paul hopefully.
"No," I said, "Not a yacht."
Happily Paul was nearly as excited about the beehive as he would have been about the yacht. Nearly.

One of our lovely beekeeper friends has promised to bring us an empty beehive that we can artfully place nearby so that when the bees fill up the hollow in the tree they can begin to cast covetous glances at the large expanse of real-estate so temptingly close by and think about shifting to larger premises...

I recently discovered that before bee hives were invented, even before those cute plaited straw beehives of medieval times, bees were kept in short lengths of hollow logs where they made beautiful honeycombs the size and shape of dinner plates. Here is a beautiful and evocative little film about hollow log beehives. We are very happy that we have been blessed with beautiful bees.


Anonymous said…
Isn't wildlife grand? It's been quite cool here in South Florida...I have been encountering "sleeping" iguanas all over my yard. I leave them alone, as I know they will "wake up" as soon as the sun warms everything up.
Hope you get to enjoy some wild honey soon!
By the way, I have noticed Hazel has stopped posting on her blog, and commenting. Do you ever hear from her?
Be well,
GretchenJoanna said…
Oh, splendid! All of it. I'll be thinking of you in your Hansel and Gretel forest <3
Jo said…
Patricia, I guess you prefer it when the iguanas are sleeping so they don't eat your precious garden. I would love to see a sleeping iguana! Luckily blue tongue lizards don't cause too much havoc in the garden, although they are very partial to strawberries. However they eat so many garden pests that a tithe of strawberries seems a fair swap.

Gretchen Joanna, having a forest to play in is so much fun! So far none of the more unpleasant aspects of a Hansel and Gretel forest have transpired - except that one leech..
Jo said…
Patricia, yes I had noticed Hazel's absence as well. I hope all is well. I found a contact form on her site and let her know that we are missing her:)
Treaders said…
Wow, I didn't recognize that as a lizard at all. I just saw a snake - and would have run screaming to be honest. And keep looking, maybe you'll find a yacht next time on your outings! Anna
Jo said…
I have to admit, I held my breath for a second when I chanced upon him. Luckily all three of Tasmania's snake species look very different to a bluey, but those reptilian eyes do give one pause..
In regards to finding a yacht in the forest, well, for Paul, hope springs eternal!
Anonymous said…
We have a couple of large blue tongues in our yard. I love them. Hope the new neighbours realise they are fine and don't harm them. (We have had town houses built next door and the residents are all Chinese - many do not speak English.)
Jo said…
Lucinda, I would really enjoy being a fly on the wall for that particular show and tell.. I am picturing you doing charades and miming a blue-tongued lizard..

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