A Table to Grow Old With..

So here is the beautiful centrepiece of the kitchen - a hand-crafted table made entirely of pre-loved timber. The table top is one slab of Huon pine, which is the Holy Grail of Tasmanian specialty timbers. This piece had been sitting in the builder's shed for years and he is pleased it has gone to a good home. The side rails also came from the back of his shed, and the legs were hardwood sleepers left over from my retaining wall project two years ago. The builder and I were deliberating over how to find re-used posts for the table legs (fence posts?) when he saw my pile of unused sleepers in the front walkway, and ripped them down to make posts. There is a lot of character left in all this timber, and a couple of coats of oil just makes it shine.

It was only hours into its life as a table that Posy started using it to whip up pancake batter. It is wonderful to have extra bench space, because as you can see, we tend to spread ourselves around on horizontal surfaces.. although sometimes I do actually do the dishes and tidy stuff. Here are the beautiful proteas gifted by one of my garden clients from her prolific giant protea bush.


Yet again, I am thrilled to have commissioned a beautiful piece of furniture from a local craftsman, a piece that will no doubt outlive me and be just as beautiful in a hundred years.


Anonymous said…
Your table is beautiful, Jo. Bet you stroke it every time you pass it! It is practical too, being just the right size for your kitchen. I can't believe the view from your window - it's stunning! I think lots of Launceston homes must have views like that, which must make dishwashing just a bit less tedious.

Linda in NZ
GretchenJoanna said…
Oh, splendid!! And that you have just the right kitchen space, for this perfect table... It must have been so satisfying to join your materials and creative ideas with the carpenter's with this elegant result.. :-)
Allison said…
great table ! there's a lot of talented woodworkers in Tasmania.

enjoy the new addition!
Meg said…
It's beautiful! There's something about timber with a story to tell ...
Unknown said…
What a beautiful table! Perfect size, and full of character. You must be so pleased.
Amanda said…
Beautiful table. And what a stunning view from your window. Your kitchen is just gorgeous.
Treaders said…
Beautiful table! In fact I was just up at my son's asking him about changing my entire heating system when I retire (it's his line of work) and did he know a good tiler because I want my bathrooms re-done too and I want to give the work to his friends/locals. But I was also talking to my friend and her ex husband does carpentry so I think I have more work lined up for someone. It is nice to re-use stuff and to give work to the locals though isn't it.
Beznarf27 said…
What a splendiferous table. I have no doubts that it was UBER expensive but it is so beautiful it would be worth it <3
Jo said…
Linda, I do stroke it! Huon pine has such a fine grain it is actually silky to the touch. Also, the builder left parts of the bark intact along the edge, which is wonderfully tactile to stroke. I love my view - I look straight across the valley to all the old houses marching up the other side of the hill, with the town down below me on the river.

Gretchen Joanna, I enjoyed this process so much, being able to work with a craftsperson to achieve exactly what I wanted. And it has transformed how we use the kitchen as well - for the first time there is somewhere to sit and chat and watch the cook at work:)

Meg, the story adds so much to the table.

Hazel, it took a while to take the leap and spend the money, as I don't like spending! But I'm glad I did.

Amanda, I am really enjoying using my 'new' kitchen, thank you:)

Anna, it does feel good to give work to people you know, instead of to a faceless corporation. Keeping the local economy ticking over is an awesome way to spend money:)

Fran, I am trying to do the maths here - if I live for another 50 years, it will only have cost... x$ per year:) :)
simplelife said…
It's perfect, I don't think you will ever regret the decision.
cheers Kate
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

Huon Pine is a beautiful timber and a fascinating tree. The tree would have been ancient and so it is nice to see the timber being used in such a sturdy piece of furniture which you can hand on to your children when the time comes.

Now on another note, I'm starting to get a little bit unsettled by the order in your kitchen! :-) Hehe! Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but it is looking great.


Swoon...what a beautiful piece of furniture. Goes well in the space too. Extra bench space always handy!!
Hazel said…
It's beautiful and so worth gritting your teeth and paying for! I love your view too.
Jo said…
Kate, I do agree:)

Chris, don't worry, plenty of mess is the normal order of things around here, and we are well back into it!

Laura, I love horizontal surfaces to put things on!

Hazel, it makes cooking all the easier to look out onto a lovely view:)

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