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On the side of my house is a porch made out of five old doors and a bit of wall which houses the front door. I love this porch to bits, but the paint was flaking off the old doors, so for the past two years I have procrastinated and then for the past three days I have scraped, sanded, and now just finished painting all of them, in time for the rain to start pouring down tomorrow. Phew!

Today's post is a short selection of the very many favourite things I collect on-line. Enjoy!

Tim Winton's Palm Sunday Speech A powerful indictment of Australia's treatment of refugees by author Tim Winton.

Logical Unsanity A Brisbane bookshop in a shed. Open 24 hours with a donation box for payment.

Zero Waste Artist An endearing Danish artist uses materials he finds in dumpsters and on the street to craft whimsical artworks. "As I grew up I pretty much just continued playing.. I didn't have a driver's licence or much money, but I have my bicycle truck (as he loads a small house-worth of waste timber from the street onto his home made cargo bike..) and that's pretty fun.." This is a man who knows how to enjoy himself and can make absolutely anything.. "We have a crazy and amazing job.."

A Day in the Life of the Tasmanian Bookmobile 1962 Why did so many women in Australia in the 1960s look and sound like the Queen? Even librarians in the bookmobile? A darling vintage delight.

Franc's Wildly Successful Life MaryBeth Danielson writes about the life of her artist friend Franc, who has crafted a joyful and creative life on under $15,000 a year.

A Jungle in My Apartment Summer Rayne Oakes lives in a New York apartment with more than 600 house plants. Because, why not?


Hazel said…
Your porch looks great. I love the painted wood.

I also love the mad plant lady in the video. I love plants but I'm not great at keeping houseplants alive. I'm having another go at the moment, trying to get some plants that clean the air. My teenagers bring more sprays and chemicals into the house than I'd like so I've given them a sansevieria each to put in their bedrooms :-) My son also bought me a peace lily for Mother's Day and I have aloe vera anyway. I need something for the bathroom but I'm trying to buy them from places like facebook- I'd rather give the money to a local family and it also means it's something I should be able to propagate easily myself.
Jo said…
Isn't the mad plant lady wonderful? She has a youtube channel for houseplant care:

She has two channels - Homestead Brooklyn (she has free range chickens in her apartment!) and Plant One on Me answering questions about houseplants. I am venturing into the wild world of propagating houseplants and will do a post soon. It is a lot of fun! I have discovered that I over water houseplants. Many only need watering when you stick your finger in the pot and it is dry to the second knuckle. Aloe vera only needs watering once a month in winter, once every couple of weeks in summer.. we live and learn.. I love the way you are collecting your plants. Yay for local shopping!
I love your porch - nice work on the revamp. I'm bookmarking some of these links for when I have a bit more time. Keen to check out the plant lady and her other channel you mention above. I'm a bit scarred from my mother's indoor plant obsession in the 80s but am slowly coming around to the idea of a small plant indoors. I'll keep my eye out for your houseplant post.
Jo said…
Laura, I am just this moment reading about edible houseplants, which I know will be right up your alley. Watch this space!
Anonymous said…
Tim Winton says it so eloquently, doesn't he?
I loved the article about Franc - and the scrap art, and the mad indoor garden - although I'm not so sure about the indoor free-range chickens! Imagine being a house-sitter in that apartment!
Thank you for these links, Jo. I enjoyed them all, and each one was food for thought.
And the porch! I can see why you fell in love with that house!

Linda in NZ
Meg said…
I think Tim Winton's words are not only eloquent and touching but true. I wonder if Mr. Dutton could read Tim Winton's speech and still not feel compassion? Meg
simplelife said…
Some real gems in this post.
I remember the bookmobile, I loved it. They used to stop in our driveway and I was allowed to choose my own books. So exciting.
Tim Wintons speech is spot on. I've had to back away from all that our gov is doing and not doing lately as it's just too distressing for me. I have no idea how I can help to bring change but I don't want to be part of the problem either.
Cheers Kate
Jo said…
Linda, the free range chicken (I think there is just one??) has a swing:) Yes, we need eloquent, don't we..

Meg, I think politicians somehow compartmentalise their compassion because they have to go with expedient. I am not sure you can be a politician who supports our refugee policies without expediency overcoming every feeling..

Kate, there was a bookmobile in Adelaide where I lived when I was 11 or 12 or so. Wonderful memories! Yes, I am hearing you about the refugee thing. My friend Christina is very much involved with a local refugee advocacy group which organises all sorts of things, marches, protests, letters etc. Her facebook page was where I saw this speech.. I don't know what will work, I don't want to be part of the problem.. I don't know what to do, but I am looking to her because at least she is doing something very active.. sometimes being distressed is a good start I think, because it really does lead to change if we don't back away in response.. as you can see, I am quite conflicted about my own response also.
simplelife said…
I don't feel so alone and foolish now, thanks for sharing some of your conflicted thoughts.
Jo said…
Kate, oh, honey, as you can see, I don't even have thoughts, just aaargh! It's all too hard..

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