I Stop Cleaning the House

I stopped cleaning the house! I thought you would be pleased to hear this, as yes, it does mean I am writing. I thought that I might be going to write magazine articles but it turns out I am writing a novel. It is a pretty terrible novel, but it might get better. I started it once, but it wasn't right at all, so now I have started it again from a completely different point of view and it is much better. I am writing every day, but I stare out the window more than write, and sometimes I only manage a paragraph a day. I feel like I should maybe just write and come back and make it perfect later, but it really is difficult not to perfect it now. Although it is going to take some time if I can only manage a paragraph a day. For the first few days I managed to sabotage myself beautifully by doing the housework and gardening every day before I sat down to write. Then I had a four day weekend with the girls because private school reasons, then I had one day to write before going back to work, and I wrote for a day and fit in all the housework and errands after my writing work day like people with jobs have to do anyway. For a single day now I have treated writing like a real job, and it felt good. Now I have to make it pay like a real job. Today as I was chasing a four year old kindergarten escapee up the street in the rain I was thinking that writing as a job sounded pretty good really.. drier anyway..

We are dog-sitting our neighbour's beautiful cocker spaniel puppy. Beautiful, but just as brain-dead as our own beloved hound. Every time I sweep the floor she comes to investigate and sweeps her long black ears through the pile of dirt. She has long elegant black ears permanently edged with a fringe of grey fluff. Today she ate my gardening shoes, which clearly tired her out.

I made salsa! Out of chilies and green capsicums and tomatoes that I grew myself! I made passata! Now I just have to find something to do with approximately seventy five zucchinis.. this time of year the garden often makes me panic, but then I realise that I don't have to do it all myself - the world is full of hungry people to share with. And only some of them have gardens full of zucchini. So the rest will be pleased to see a zucchini (or two) coming up the garden path.. won't they?


simplelife said…
So pleased to hear you have made a start on writing. Yay you. As a non-whites I have one suggestion for you "shitty first drafting". Just it get down fix it later.
Cheers Kate
simplelife said…
Oops that should be non-writer. And "shitty first draft".
And my comment is an excellent example of that lol
Jo said…
Kate, I admire your dedication to the shitty first draft. And excellent editing :) xx
Linda said…
Well done on the writing front. Zucchini can be used in a chocolate cake -they are really delicious. Can you thinly slice them and pop them in the freezer in amounts that are "useful" to use? Our neighbour uses them to make picalilli.
GretchenJoanna said…
Some people might like zucchini chocolate cake better than zucchini... just a thought. I have found that the only way to freeze zucchini so that it is usable when defrosted is to grate it first, and then you can add some to soups in the winter. If it loses something in the freezer - and it will - it isn't too noticeable mixed in with the other soup ingredients.

What joy to switch your routine around and do something new with your brain! Learning a new routine must be as hard if not harder than the writing itself. My usual mode of life already leaves out most of the housework, but by your inspiration maybe I can reverse what you are doing and find success.
Pam in Virginia said…
Hi, Jo!

Well, thank goodness - at last You have "stopped cleaning" and I am absolved of guilt. Ah-ha. I feel guilt shall soon return.

That is a gorgeous puppy. Maybe she will improve with age? I have known some really smart cockers.

Aren't kindergartners something? I'll bet it was a boy that you were chasing . . . though, come to think of it, I led some merry chases myself when that age . . .

Jo said…
Linda, hmm, storing the harvest as cake? That is well worth considering :)

Gretchen Joanna, yes, I have frozen grated zucchini before, and it works well, but now I only have a tiny freezer. I might try drying it instead so I can store it in jars..

Pam, glad to oblige :) And no, it was a small, very.. spirited girl I was chasing..

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