Up the Garden Path

Everywhere I weed or dig in this garden I turn up another old brick, so I decided to make a garden path. Really, it was necessary as every time I tried to fight my way through the undergrowth to the vegie garden I required gumboots and a mattock. As you can imagine, this project took some time, especially as I am easily distracted in the garden. Below you can just see the beginning of the path curving around at the top of the photo. This was a couple of weekends ago.

Here it comes. But very slowly. Every few minutes, distracted again. A baby apricot on the apricot tree, a rose bud, a volunteer tomato seedling, a bird, the cat.. anything will do.

But finally this afternoon it is finished! This is not a high tech DIY project. Some people faff around with cement and sand when they build a brick path. I simply dig the bricks into the soil, then brush more soil over the top to fill up the cracks. After a few weeks of tramping it down as I walk on it, it will all become quite stable. It is already ten thousand percent better than pre-path days, due to not requiring a mattock to get to the baby lettuces.

Yes, indeed, that is the cat drinking out of the watering can. You'd think he didn't have a nice water bowl of his own.

During one of my moments of distraction I was annoyed by some plastic flower pots on top of the old wood pile opposite the kitchen window, which have been sitting there since I moved in. When I went to remove them I found an untidy pile of bricks and an old wooden pallet under the wood pile, with the whole sorry affair knee deep in weeds. Because I was procrastinating about building the brick path I hauled it all away with enthusiasm, and underneath it all I found this tiny little square of paving, just right for two chairs and a cup of tea with a friend. It gets sun in the morning and shade in the evening - perfect! I am continually amazed by what I am digging up in this garden!

So here I am, with a new garden path, and a tiny new courtyard, a bit of sun, a lot of rain - what more could a gardener want?


Treaders said…
Wow I love the way you built your path - it's a real beauty, particularly when you compare it to the "before" pictures. I don't have the energy to be honest right now as I am gone for work 12 hours a day but am so looking forward to retiring and being able to do some of those beautiful projects. It is inspiring. Anna
GretchenJoanna said…
That path is a work of art! I have a little experience from when my husband and I built a smaller path years ago -- also with bricks found while digging in the garden. Path work falls under the heading of what I call my Garden Pilates - I trust that aspect worked for you, too, all the hard work day after day.
Unknown said…
Your path is beautiful, Jo! An excellent bit of work. I envy you your new garden, as it seems to have all the hallmarks of having once been well loved. The little courtyard is a gem - what a great discovery!
Bek said…
Very nice work, and all the more enjoyable I'm sure not being rushed and to a tight timeline. Looks great!
I'm envious of you digging up useful bricks. All I seem to dig up are small stones and the odd piece of lego.
Tiffany said…
I am continually impressed and inspired by your blog posts, thank you for sharing! Feeling a burst of energy to get outside and finish a project or two.
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo. Lovely path and the garden is looking nice and green and the path has a delightful organic shape to it. Bricks have such history in them. The cat could possibly have been hunting for frogs in that watering can? :-)! The paving was an excellent find too. Enjoying Fence around the cuckoo too, thanks very much for the referral.
Jo said…
Anna, 12 hours a day? Where are those labour laws when you need them?? I'd be exhausted too..

Gretchen Joanna, I have skipped the gym for the last two weeks:)

Hazel, I keep finding new plants popping up that I don't recognise. I suspect a real plantswoman (or man) once lived here. Will have to post more photos of the unknowns for the garden sleuths here to identify for me. One of my gardening friends identified ajuga for me on the weekend, which is excellent because I have been referring to it as 'that nice purple flower..'

Bek, in my old garden I dug up much lego and many mini figures - all of them belonging to my children and featuring in many an excellent garden game. Clearly your garden was well loved by some children once upon a time:)

Tiffany, welcome! That is the wonderful thing I find about blogs - inspiration, and also the courage to try new things:)

Chris, so glad you are enjoying Fence Around the Cuckoo - isn't it an amazing and splendid read? I have found some convict bricks in the garden - they were handmade and often still retain the thumbprint of their maker. We have a local park called 'Brickfields' because that was once the brick quarry for early Launceston buildings.
Treaders said…
In the interest of full disclosure, my 12 hour absence for work each day includes my minimum 3-hour commute. Still not great but at least it's not all about work! Anna

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