Dog Wrecks House

We left the house for half an hour. We left Benson-the-sad-eyed-puppy inside because it was raining. We came back to find the roof eaten off Rosy's gingerbread house and Benson-the-house-wrecker on a sugar high.

Benson-the-naughty-dog is now snuggled up in bed with Rosy, helping her read her book. He is clearly forgiven.

My lap-top is dead. I am communicating with you courtesy of the kindness of my children. Luckily they are quite, quite kind.

Time to walk the bad dog and make some more gingerbread. Hope you manage to enjoy your various festive enterprises without untoward domestic incidents.

PS One of our lovely blog friends, Libi of Farewell Hackney Hipsters recently produced the most gorgeous and delicious baby, the adorable Arlo, and has written a fab post on breastfeeding this week. Could one of you lovely wordpress bloggers please pop over to visit Libi and ask her to retrieve my comments from her spam folder because I would hate for her to think that I have been ignoring her and her sweet babe:) Also, scroll down a few posts to see her freecycled and upcycled tiny vintage London kitchen. Gorgeous:)


CJ said…
Oh dear, bad dog, but at least he didn't eat it all. I have gingerbread house plans too for next week. I hope your laptop is all mended soon. CJ xx
Tanya Murray said…
I hope Cindy is reading this laughing with me too! LOL. Sorry Posy...but LOL
Anonymous said…
Unattended cookies and combination!
Anonymous said…
The very first gingerbread house that I made managed to travel in the car down to my mothers house, 300km away from the start of it's journey, on my knee and I put it in mum's bedroom to protect it from mishaps. What I didn't figure on was my daughter and her cousin, who was 3 at the time, testing the door and finding it ajar and Benson's damage is nothing compared to what my dear daughter and her cousins did to my prized and angst ridden creation. I get the feeling that it is a message for us to roll with the punches. Bugger on the laptop. I fear if I was to leave a message on your friends blog it would be languishing in the spam folder along with your own comment but I will give it the old college try. Have an awesome Christmas Jo. Benson ate the calorific bit out of the gingerbread house, most generously, so that you could eat the fat free bit with impunity ;).
Anonymous said…
hee hee hee. I do love a naughty dog. in a similar vein I singlehandedly dragged a tree all the way home on tuesday (while carrying chunky chops in the sling) spent ages sawing the trunk to the right length and got the tree up with my precious baby free moments yesterday evening.
This morning the cat peed over it. Quite glad we won't be here for xmas but in more fragrant surroundings.

Thank you so much for your kind comments and kind words from far away. I do hope the house rebuild is going well. If it was me I would be tempted to eat the remains and pretend the whole event never happened. That's probably the breastfeeding hunger that is never sated talking however. Must stop eating cake.
Jo said…
I am loving your tales of Christmas woe. Christmas accidents are all excellently funny:)

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