A Pettle and A Buzz

So, the news that The Man is now semi-permanently posted to a city far, far away for several months means that my single parent status is now more or less permanent as well. Sigh.

But, as Posy wrote in my Mothers Day card - You are the pettles to my flower, the buzz to my bee.

When my day gets a bit miserable, I just need to remember that I am somebody's pettle. Somebody's buzz. Somebody who is relying on me to keep it all together for her.

And, I really just have to crack on and do something. I AM going to clean the house this week. It is getting difficult to see out the front windows.


Unknown said…
That is so so sweet and indeed a lovely thought to bring to mind when feeling blue. My hubby did rotating shiftwork for 15 years while i worked full time and so for many years i too felt like a single parent only with a mate who popped in long enough to mess up the house and create alot of washing in my absence. I cant say it was all bad, i learnt to be independent and of course, had my own way. Our only trouble came when we ended up in the house at the same time, not knowing what our roles were. What does The Man do that takes him so far away - just interested? I may send mine there as well (only joking).
Anonymous said…
Oh your poor thing! A night or few is one thing. Don't we all love to have our bed to ourselves so we can read in bed? Or have the routine we can control? And without Mr Sans my house is sooo much quieter.

But for a semi-permanent change! I'm pouting for you.

So glad your girls are appreciative of you.

And you know you are a capable, strong woman. (But can you run away and all join Mr Blue Day? I know you hate flying but you could jump on a Bass Strait ferry!)
Jo said…
Hey lovies, I am completely flakey, so single parenthood a complete challenge. No practical or organisational skills, and I hate calling people on the actual phone, especially when organisational thingies are involved. And I don't really feel like being strong and independent, so what to do?
Lynda, The Man is an engineer who accidently became CEO of a rapidly expanding company. Oops.
Anonymous said…
What to do, Jo? Bunker down. Only do what absolutely has to be done. Get your girls off to school and homeschool. If there's food in the house, and electricity connected and paid for, nothing else really matters.

But do some gardening, read some books. And relax. Get some friends around for a cuppa.

And if something goes wrong that you need to phone help for (like needing a plumber or electrician), but feel anxious about, write the script for the conversation first. Or get a friend to do it.

Or imagine you're Miss Phyrne Fisher and be all cool, calm and in control!
Linda said…
Difficult for you. My husband worked away for five years, coming home at weekends and sometimes on a Wednesday night. I was teaching full time with 2 teenagers at home so loads of ferrying around to do most evenings so it was full on. However, we survived. I became much more reliant and decisions, especially around the children were kept for family discussions at weekends. I always told the children those sorts of decisions were always joint Mum and Dad ones! You'll be fine. I absolutely endorse everything Lucinda says. Go girl!
Linda said…
That should read self-reliant!
as a single gal who never has a man around, can i also suggest - for the practical stuff around the house - you find a good 'Hire a Hubby' tradesman who can fix/do things for you. they are police checked and come out for asingle small job, or you can save up lots of jobs for a day's worth of work! they are good value and if you find someone you like, a real resource.
and if you feel like a trip down south, i have plenty of windows here that you can wash and clean!
you'll be good. you have always struck me as a capable, strong-minded person, and someone with the right outlook for life (ie a sense of humour!). and if all else fails, i agree with lucindasans - channel your Miss Fisher! I say!
xx e
Anonymous said…
Oh bugger :( It is different when they are working all day and only come home at night, you can pretend that you are self-sufficient all you like and then when they walk in the door they can change the light globes and mow the lawn...AWOL is a different matter. Lynda D is right, you will get into the groove and will soon be zipping around the place taking control rather than feeling sad. Hugs from Sunny Sidmouth (for the next 5 minutes)
GretchenJoanna said…
I admire your cheerful and hearty spirit, which I'm sure I would find within myself, too, under the circumstances, but I also feel the sadness. It wouldn't be normal if you didn't have some of that. God bless and keep you all!
Heather said…
That sort of news can be a bit hard on the heart. I'm so sorry. Looking at the positive will be your best way through this. You've got your kids around you to keep you strong . I feel for your husband who won't get the daily hugs, kisses, and giggles that children provide. You'll get through this. The end will come and soon this time will be a distant memory. Sending you lots of hugs!!!
Kristen Johns said…
I felt so sad and so.... heavy for you, when I read this post. Teary, actually, and deflated. I think you should just forget about cleaning the house and the windows. Honestly... just forget it. Hire someone to clean for you... look after your beautiful girls and do something kind for yourself. Have you ever considered taking a writing class? You're good at it.
Anonymous said…
Sending some positive thoughts via the Internet-thingy.

Hope the past week has been more than tolerable! And you and your girls are abounding with joyfulness and self-sufficiency.
Jo said…
Thank you my dear lovies. I haven't been answering your lovely comments, but I do so appreciate them xx

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