Winter Skeleton Wardrobe

Ooops, it's nearly Spring, and I have a day or so to post my winter skeleton wardrobe.

Actually, it's exactly the same as the autumn skeleton wardrobe with the addition of:

Black winter coat

Black puffy parka. I had to get new metal poppers put on it at the cobbler's shop at the beginning of the season.

I wear one of these coats every single day in winter, with a selection of scarves from the autumn wardrobe.

And some shoes:

Black boots, brown boots and hiking shoes, which do very little hiking, and a lot of tripping along suburban pavements in the rain.

So, why the skeleton wardrobe? Well, I really hate shopping for clothes. Uggh, all that dressing and undressing and unflattering changing room mirrors. So a couple of years ago I decluttered my wardrobe, and realised I only really wore a few of my favourites. So that's all I kept. Now I have a few clothes. They are mostly black or neutral. They work very hard because I wear them all the time. It could be seen as a bit boring. OK, it is, but I have an outfit for every occasion. Yes, one. And I have a really roomy wardrobe!

And occasionally, I buy something new, and it is super exciting, and generally goes with lots of other things I already have, so I get a dozen new outfits. So much fun!


Anonymous said…
OK, I get you hate shopping, and going to shopping centres. But you do need more in your wardrobe. Trust me! It is cold in Tassie. I feel cold looking at those thin things in your collection. You are turning me into my mother - wear more clothes.

So, girl, email me your address or send that post-pack. OK, they won't be warmer but I have several items to extend your spring and summer wardrobe.
Jo said…
You are an angel, and I am a procrastinator! But I will send, really!
I also have gloves, polar fleece (black!) and black leather, and I wear thermal singlets Mum, honest!
It is possible that with all this black I may be mistaken for a ninja or mime artist. Perhaps I should post photos of outfits and you can be my fashion advisor?
Anonymous said…
I love it! A mime artist.

But I am glad to hear you are wearing thermal underwear. And the wonder that is polar fleece. I actually don't find leather warm. And, except for shoes and boots, have no leather.

And, I promise, I am not nagging. Just that, despite not shopping for 8 months, I still have a different view to clothes than you. I look at your lot and want you to have more. I get that clothing doesn't give you joy, jut it does me. And I want to share my joy.

And make you a ninja with a touch of pink.
Jo said…
Actually Lucinda, the exactly perfect piece of clothing gives me lots of joy... it's just finding that perfect thing that makes me tense..
Which is why I love it when you send me clothes - because yours are so lovely! Even (gasp) when they're pink!
Jen's Busy Days said…
Jo, just checking to see how your health is going? I hope you are still feeling good after the iron top up.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW
Jo said…
Oooh, like the energiser bunny Jen, thanks for asking! Extra iron is BRILLIANT! Didn't realise how awful I felt until it stopped!
Had my nasty tests last week, don't appear to be dying of anything, but waiting for biopsy results. Will let you know if they find anything...

PS Lucinda, I did the gardening today, in my POLAR FLEECE Kathmandu jumper. Forgot I had that. See, keeping warm!
It's funny, I helped to set up a Steiner playgroup a few years ago, and they are always banging on about keeping the kidneys and the head warm. Steiner teachers get all antsy when they see little children with that gap between trousers and top when they bend over, because apparently cold kidneys are BAD. I thought of that today as I pulled on my long thermal top, for Mary Jean the playgroup leader, and you, Lucinda!
Anonymous said…
Those Steiner teachers are on the mark. I get tetchy too seeing kids with a gap in their clothes exposing their lower back. I think Australians need community service ads on dressing for the weather.

Sending positive bloggier vibes for your results.
Anonymous said…
You mentioned Pinterest in your last post and as a recent convert to Pinterest (once I scorned it with a passion but then realised the possibilities...OH the possibilities!) I have fallen prey to it's heady delights. I had cleaned out my closet thanks to a recent bout of self induced weight loss that appears to have stuck, I had a plethora of oversized clothes and was just about ready to head to the local thrift shop when suddenly I realised that all of those amazing crafts on Pinterest were aimed directly at ME! 5 pastel coloured t-shirts, or a new rag rug THANKYOU very much Pinterest! Why stop there...old jeans? Time to make dusters OR what about a denim knitting course? Pinterest...I love you! The thrift shop might not be so happy about you though...
Jo said…
Hey Fran, pleeease post pictures of your knitted denim projects!
Upcycling - the new nana craft.
I remember my granny telling me about the overcoat she made for my toddler dad out of her father-in-law's tennis trousers... everything old is new again!
jo, you need some colour!! especially here in a tassie winter! i hope your scarves and gloves and beanies and woollie tights are bright and cheerful.

i admit have too many clothes (i love them), but a bare minimal of it is black (mainly work skirts).

in fact i only got my first black coat this winter, a hand-me-down from a friend - my other coats are red and pink and leopard!

tassie winters are so dreary i feel it is a community service to wear as much vivid colour as possible.
Jo said…
I'm seeing a theme in the comments here. OK, colour. That will be my next sartorial adventure! Really, I have only been buying black and neutrals so that my one item in every category matches everything else. So I have done that now, and my subsequent purchases can be daring and colourful, and will still go with all my black!
I love the sound of your pink, red and leopard coats. I bet you light up the winter drear of the streets of Olde Hobart Towne!

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