Clothes From Heaven

Dearest Lucinda,

When I mentioned in a blog post that I hate shopping for clothes more than humanly possible, and  read your post about decluttering your wardrobe, and then cheekily suggested that you post me your decluttered clothes, you took me up on it! What a kind and adventurous spirit you are.

When I sent you a post pack and one of my decluttered books, I was feeling a bit cheap really, then you sent back a bulging parcel of clothes, and a note saying you hope I didn't feel like it was a bag full of rubbish...

Rubbish? My dear, your taste in clothes is impeccable. The Calvin Klein jeans fit like a glove. The black RM Williams moleskins are on the tight side, but I am willing to do 50 sit ups a day to fit snugly into such gorgeousness (I made it to 12 this morning..). The David Lawrence dress is to die for. The glamour, the glamour! It does show off the jiggly bits that are the result of four pregnancies, but luckily I own some ironclad underwear that should take care of that. The tops are lovely, and much posher than my normal boring Tshirts. In short - no, not rubbish, just lovely.

And the whole experience was so much better than shopping, more like Christmas, or manna from heaven. Unexpected, and wholly joyful.

Thanks ever so much for being crazily kind to this plain crazy shop-a-phobe, and may the gods of decluttering shine down upon you and make your closets a paradise of of order and gorgeousness.


Anonymous said…
Thank you. I am quite cuffed - to have such lovely things said, AND posted on the Internet for all the see.

I'll bookmark this post so when I am feeling down I can read how lovely I am. Lol!

Isn't it funny that we both worried about being seen as cheap. Haven't started the book, btw. Work has interrupted my life again. Bugger it!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I think we frequent some of the same blogs. Just saw your comment at the Free Our Kids site. Love what she's doing and her self deprecating humour and her cute appearance on Australian TV.
Jo said…
Lucinda, every word true! You are a star!

Isn't it funny that though we make it quite clear on our blogs that we are both thrifty declutterers, we felt a little awkward swapping secondhand stuff, even such glamourous offering as you sent. There really is a societal taint on transactions that are not socially acceptable as 'normal'.

Anyway, we seem to have got past that. We are social pioneers!

I'm loving Hattie's project, aren't you? But there are things you can do to a toddler that might not work so well with teenagers..

Can you imagine how our children would react if we told them we weren't going to spend any money on them for a year? I'm not that much of a social pioneer..

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