Impossible is Just a Word

In attempting to save electricity this Winter I have stepped up the air drying. I always dry all the clothes on airers in front of the wall heaters if it is wet, but have historically thrown towels and sheets into the dryer, claiming it is 'impossible' to dry them inside in a Tasmanian Winter. It turns out 'impossible' is a fairly elastic term. In this case it meant 'can't really be bothered to try, and look, the dryer is right here...' Turns out, towels take less than twenty four hours to dry inside, our thick bathmat one extra day. Sheets, I have been hanging outside in the worst of weather bar rain, and they have dried surprisingly well, mostly needing only a few minutes in the dryer in the evening to get the damp out. Clearly, 'impossible' is not an absolute so much as an excuse.

Sensible Tasmanians have roofed pergolas or carports that they hang their washing under, and indeedy, The Man has promised to build a clear roofed pergola over the clothesline (our clothesline is attached to an outside sunny wall), which I am imagining will make it into a kind of greenhouse, and dry the clothes quicker than ever, as well as keeping rain off. In the meantime, he is wrestling with the tiles. They are nearly done. Word to the wise, Do Not Renovate in Winter. We have had a blow heater and fan running for hours on end over the last two days to dry paint and grout before the carpet arrives tomorrow. We are almost sure we will be ready...


I'm just getting back into the habit of hanging out laundry, and I've wondered about the winter--will sheets dry on the line? Sounds like they will! I supposed I'm going to need to invest in some more inside drying racks if I'm going to be serious about this, though I fear I'll end up my lazy self and just pop everything into the dryer ...


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