Manifest Incompetence

Do you ever have days where you wonder just what the Universe was thinking? I often question just how it was that I was allowed to become a parent. No qualifications, few relevant skills, no natural aptitude. All I can say is, the Universe is lousy at Human Resources.

Every day I am anxious at the decisions I make, at the possibility that I am messing up the relationship once again, or ruining the children's chances of success in some worldly sphere because of my many inadequacies in preparing them for life. Daily I am impatient and angry and I regularly think longingly of boarding school, not only for some peace and quiet, but because I am convinced that somewhere there are people, professionals, who could be doing a better job than I am.

Today all the girls have revolting colds, and I have abandoned them as much as possible to escape to the garden to weed the vegies and the jungle-like lawn. Such a relief to be out of earshot of the appalling sniffing and coughing. They have been cheerfully playing with Lego and reading, and are now baking germ-laden ginger biscuits, and thankfully I have only been recalled intermittently to adjudicate over Lego fights and Whose Turn It Is To Lick The Bowl.

If this sounds like a terrible, whiny moan, well it is. I am eternally grateful for my mostly healthy and happy petals. I just wish I had some Mary Poppins-like figure on hand to compensate for my manifest parenting incompetence..


It sounded like a tough day, but it still made me smile, as I have had days like that too, just makes it feel better when you can write it down and send it out to the universe of whoever is listening out there! Love your blog Jo, and you inspire me with your motherly skills. Big smiles from Sam and hope the renos are going ok!
keep in touch
big smiles
Manni and Sam xxx
Jo said…
Dearest Manni, some days moaning is all I can manage. Thinking of you in your 'House on the Hill'. It must be difficult sometimes in a new culture, you look to be creating a good life in La Belle France. Happy thoughts winging your way.
Monique said…
Loves.. you are all wonderful!. Hope the sniffles have snuffled away... love the buddhist thought 'all is temporary' - just how temporary is a often somewhat of the problem!! Hope you both have had a lovely mother's day. I had tea and breakfast in bed, and two lovely cards from the older girls thanking them for our travels! bless them xx

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