I love my bathroom. Once it was small, blue and mouldy (it has now been transformed into the lovely laundry in yesterday's post). It didn't matter how much you cleaned it, it was still small, blue and mouldy. So I didn't really clean it very much and it was impossible to tell. Then The Man, with much help from the children, knocked down two tiny rooms and made one giant bathroom. It is big, beautiful, sunny and shiny. I love it immensely, but it stops being shiny very quickly and you can see every speck of dirt, dust and toothpaste on its gleaming surfaces. The price of all this shininess is daily bathroom cleaning, and I have worked out a cunning plan.

The first problem is the acres of tiles with no shower screen. I have little interest in scrubbing grout, so every morning after the last shower I dry the floor and walls with an old towel. Then I polish the basins and mirror. Every night after Posy's bath I dry it with another old towel. So most of the bathroom gets cleaned every day and the grout doesn't go mouldy, which is all good. Then every week I just have to spray and wipe and mop, and I nearly always have some short helpers to make the time just fly...

So today, not so much to do. Emptied out the cupboards and threw stuff out, put stuff away, cleaned the windows, got a tall helper to clean the exhaust fans for me, and all done. Then I contemplated my awfully long list of 'Things To Do' whilst thoughtfully eating a large number of chocolates...


Jen said…
It has been too hot here for chocolates so I am thoughtfully making plans for our homeschool next year while scoffing down licorice allsorts. lol

Good plan for how to keep the bathroom clean. I think I will borrow that one.

Jen in NSW

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