My New Executive Assistant - Me

I have a minute between admiring Posy's imaginary kittens (there are nine of them - they all have names, and new beautiful dresses every day. With matching shoes) and starting dinner, to report on progress. 6am? Quite dark, actually. To be scrupulously honest I haven't actually been up at the dot of six yet. Ten past, yes, half past, yes, a quarter to seven, yes, and one disastrous day, half past seven. Musn't repeat that one. The most important thing is that I have been up and dressed and breakfasted before the family gets up every day for the past month. It makes such a difference to my day. Sometimes I just sit and gaze vaguely at the sunrise, sometimes I get loads of washing on and open my mail. Sometimes I even put lipstick on, just to present an impression of early morning perkiness (the first time I did that Rosy looked at me suspiciously and said, "Where are you going?"). Some days I even do feel slightly perky, especially if I manage my first cup of tea before Posy starts bellowing. Plus, it's the only time of day that I can be all alone, in the quiet of a sleeping house. Priceless.

I can confidently say that I have successfully nagged and brow beaten my family into clearing up after meals, with a little finishing off and shining up by yours truly. I am a little worried that a shining sink makes me so happy. My next project is to open my mail every day. I hate opening mail (except for nice mail, of course, like presents, and actual hand written letters), and so I cleverly avoid it by throwing it in a drawer. Of course, this does tend to have some administrative drawbacks, so from now on I am going to be positively courageous, and open my mail every morning before there are any four year olds around to 'help'. And then I am going to pay the bills, and file stuff, and write 'notes to self' in my diary. It will be the all new administrative me. All before seven in the morning...


Unknown said…
Be careful, i follow another tasmanian blog and the clock keeps getting pushed back so that she is now up having her me time at something like 4am. Good God! Try theroadtoserendipity by Narf77 (Fran) also another early riser is Rhonda at Down to Earth. I get up to make my husbands breakfast and lunch (how old fashioned is that) and then go back for a 1 hr layin before getting ready for work.
Anonymous said…
I spy with my little eye something beginning with my name LyndaD! Hi there :). Do you live in Tasmania? I love Tassie blogs because there are so few of them around and it makes me feel less of a pariah and like there are more of us around. Salutations from foggy Sidmouth at 3.40am. I just drew my very first lifegiving mug (bucket) of tea from the kettle on the wood burning stove and am about to dive headfirst into my RSS Feed Reader and clear it out before our big day collecting mountains of aged horse manure from a farmer up the road. I think I might have to read a few of your back posts first though before I wade in at the deep end of my RSS Feed Reader :). Have a great day wherever you are in Tassie. We are up North on the Tamar River on 4 acres of rocky slopes trying our hardest to live simple lives (not hard when you are penniless student hippies ;) ) and put our horticultural permaculture knowledge to good use. You might end up crammed into my RSS Feed reader yet! ;)

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