Toxic Food #2

Yesterday I confessed in the comments that after my self-righteous diatribe about toxic food I ate a packet of M&Ms to sustain me on a long drive, and all I really sustained was a headache. Well, an hour after that I was in bed, nauseous, with heart palpitations, hot flushes and unbelievably itchy, irritated eyes. I was, in fact, a complete wreck. I can only think that, not having eaten anything with food colouring in it for months now, my body went in to total shock at the M&M onslaught. Oh, the humiliation. I always swore never to become a food intolerance bore, but here I am, the mother who brings her own food to children’s birthday parties, and has a complete meltdown after eating a couple of M&Ms.

Anyway, back to my second life as a 1950s housewife in order to avoid serving anything with colourings, preservatives or additives. One last word and I shall be silent on the subject forever. Or at least a week:

Advice for parents with bedwetters:

Colour 102, or tartrazine, is a yellow food colouring which caused years of bedwetting in our house until we identified the culprit and banned it forever. It only took one dose of 102 (a slice of birthday cake, an icy pole, a handful of M&Ms…) and we would have two or three episodes of bedwetting over the course of a week. Is it any wonder I get a tiny bit irritated? For further information, Sue Dengate has great website.


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