Housekeeping is one of the unavoidable necessities of life. We all have to do it, wherever we live, whether caravan or five bedroom suburban fixer-upper (that would be me).

I spent many, many years trying to solve the 'housework' problem by avoiding it, procrastinating, then having to perform giant, exhausting cleaning blitzes which left me feeling like keeping house was an enormous, depressing impossibility.

Enough was enough, and I spent a year developing a daily plan to keep our family home consistently tidy and clean for our six family members.

I don't follow this schedule rigorously every day, because life happens! But I follow it enough that the house is mostly always tidy, and clean enough to make me happy.

And having a clean and organised house - really does make me much more relaxed and happy. I hope you find something that helps here, and if you have a schedule that suits your particular family circumstances, let me know in the comments - I would love to link to it.

Overwhelmed by Housework? Start Here

Monday Routine

Tuesday Routine

Wednesday Routine

Thursday Routine

Friday Routine

The Why of Housekeeping

Housework Routine - Weekly List


Pooja.Kote said…
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IDIL Bom said…
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Nandini murthy said…
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Unlike the others, I'm in the US, have a hubby and a job and cats, and love the amount of detail you give us. It's like "food density," only with words! I don't need anymore guidance to get started, but will be checking back with you often.
And you show so much insight on why it can be overwhelming -- especially since someone decided no one needed Home Economics in the US anymore!! Oops! Only true if you plan to live in a tent forever! Or maybe "they" thought housekeeping skills were built into our gene pool, so it would come naturally!

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