Two Breakfasts, Same Ingredients, Winter and Summer Versions

Yes, I have found a way to be even more boring. I have learned how to turn my winter porridge into a summer smoothie with exactly the same ingredients. I hope you understand how happy this makes me. Porridge is my one and only favourite breakfast food. It fills me up for hours, is yummy, has very little sugar, and takes very little preparation. Its only downside was that it is not fun to cook a hot breakfast in summer. 

Enter the oat smoothie, the existence of which I discovered accidentally while researching ways to use up the last of the dry almond butter and peanut butter in the bottom of the jar. This confirms to me that the universe is pleased with me for using up leftovers, and sent me a new/but not new breakfast to reward me. The universe knows I appreciate only tiny, incremental positive changes in my life. It understands.

While looking up oat smoothie recipes I immediately saw that I could make one with nearly all the same ingredients as my porridge.

Winter Porridge: oats (1/3 cup), soymilk (2/3 cup), cinnamon, ginger, nuts, hemp seeds, whatever stewed fruit I have on hand.

Summer Oat Smoothie: oats(1/3 cup), soymilk(1 cup), cinnamon, ginger, cocoa powder(1 soup spoon), hemp seeds, peanut butter(1 teaspoon), apple sauce(2 soup spoons).

In the winter I soak the oats in the milk for an hour or so before cooking, and for the oat smoothie I stir up the ingredients with a chopstick in the blender, then soak for an hour or so in the fridge before blending and drinking up. Heads up, do not omit this step or there will be lumps of unsoaked oats in the smoothie, and it will taste like raw oats instead of chocolate yum. I haven't tried any fruit other than applesauce yet, but that is something for future fun. 

I am doing so well in my goal of embracing my inner boring person, while being flexible enough to change with the seasons. Change while staying the same! I am so chuffed that now I get to experience my boring and satisfying breakfast all year round. 

Happy Days!


Anonymous said…
In my book, You get a standing ovation!
Jo said…
Patricia, I must say, I think I am excelling at being boring. Go me:)
Deborah said…

Small satisfactions make your day shiny and good!

Mary said…
I love the idea of change while staying the same! I also love porridge ( or oatmeal as we call it here), so a new way to eat it in the summer is excellent news. Thanks! I embraced my inner boring person years ago after I realized that I'm not boring to me. Keep going.
sustainablemum said…
That doesn't sound the least bit boring to me, if it is what you love then that is amazing. If it is not for other folks then that is ok too. I do love it when you are looking up uses of a completely different ingredient and find a solution that totally chimes with you, it is like the universe is looking after you. Enjoy your breakfast smoothies.
Jo said…
Deborah, I love small satisfactions. They all add up to a very shiny day indeed, and bring me much happiness.

Mary, yes, some us just want to stay home and grow tomatoes. Right? So let's embrace that:)

sustainablemum, sometimes it's hard not to compare yourself to all the high achieving people in the world. I love that I have come to a place in life where I can thoroughly enjoy a new breakfast and it is the highlight of my week:) Finding new ways to tweak the same old is a joy (not that there is anything wrong with the same old, of course).
Blueberry said…
One can never have too much oatmeal. Love the idea of a smoothie in the summer. I do enjoy reading your blog. Take Care
Jo said…
Blueberry, it is true, oatmeal is the food of the gods..
simplelife said…
i love porridge and eat it every day of the year, I used to make a yum muesli in summer to avoid the cooking in the heat saga, but now i'm too lazy for even that. i just make 3 serves of porridge, eat 1 put the other 2 in the fridge and nuke them each morning to avoid cooking everyday. any lazier and i would morph completely into a sloth, and i would not mind that one bit.
cheers kate
Jo said…
Go Team Sloth:) xxx I am seriously thinking of getting a microwave so I can be lazier :)

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