Grow Your Own Man

There is a disturbing shortage of eligible bachelors in my neighbourhood. But I do not despair. I have decided to grow my own.

Did you know you can grow men from seed?

This packet will grow a Large Sweet Italian. How marvellous! Apparently his name is Basil. Can't wait.


simplelife said…
Ha ha. Looking forward to progress updates.
simplelife said…
Ha ha. Looking forward to progress updates.
Unknown said…
I wish I'd known there was an easier way before I had two sons!
Jo said…
Kate, will keep you posted:)

Hazel, see, the internet is so educational.
Anonymous said…
Very handy. And very funny!

Except what if the story turns into a scary scifi movie with the manufactured man developing a personality not to your liking, like Hal in Space Odessey? Though it'd be good if it is like a pet and when you've had enough you can put it outside in the garden again.

Opps, can you see I overthink stories again?

Jo said…
Lucinda, clearly I haven't thought this through enough.. although the package does promise a large SWEET Italian.. but can we trust the advertising? Sigh.. back to the drawing board..
Pam in Virginia said…

Oh, my goodness - I laughed so hard at this!


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