Another antidote to anxiety that sometimes gets lost in the welter of worry and panic is the practise of counting my blessings. They are manifold, and I am truly grateful.

This is one of my two favourite doors in the house. We have it permanently propped open with two old brass fire nozzles because all of the floors, walls and ceilings slope in different directions. Last night it occurred to me that I could shut it, thus dividing the house in two to keep the dog tribe and the cat tribe separate. Instant peace.

I now live seven blocks from the library. Seven! I walk the dog there, tie him up to a tree, run in and collect the latest armful of books I have ordered, then walk home again. Lovely.

Not only have I moved closer to the library, I am also ten minutes' walk from town, and two minutes' walk from a slew of cafes, the greengrocer, a farm gate butcher's shop and the supermarket. Also, if I break a leg the children can roll me two blocks down the hill to the hospital. Handy.

Posy and I now live further from school and work respectively. But it means that most days we get to walk together up and down a hill and get fit and chat. It's nice.

I have met nearly all our neighbours. They are universally gorgeous. One of them is our osteopath, and another is one of the adorable five year olds I work with (but that is Launceston for you. At my old place I popped my head over the fence to introduce myself to my new neighbour only to discover I was now living next door to my GP).

I have finally made friends with the wood stove. Two weeks ago I was kicking it in frustration and wailing to Rosy, "I have no idea how houses ever burn down! I can't even get a log to burn in a fireplace!" Last week we had reached an uneasy detente where the logs were burning in a half-hearted manner and the house was lukewarm. Over the past few days I have nailed keeping the fire going - as I write it is almost TOO WARM at the dining room table, and the wood stove is my new BFF.

After much searching I found the slow cooker, and have a pot of chilli on for dinner. The house is warm, and it smells good, and dinner is making itself. Gratitude.


Eva said…
Hi Jo,
The new place sounds wonderful! And having so much so close is great. Starting fires was hard until I finally learned how. Isn't it so lovely there is something so cozy about a well lit fireplace. I miss mine, we moved three years ago to another state to take care of our parents and the place we found is great with the exception of no fire place. I missed our so much that my kids purchased me an electric fire place. Not as good as the real thing but the graphics are pretty. I am happy that you are settling in and finding Gratitude... Something I try working on every day. Have a great week!
Linda said…
I loved reading your post, Jo! So many positives for where you now live. All GOOD! Well done.
Hazel in Canberra said…
What a beautiful door! I envy you, both for your lovely new home, and for living in Launceston. I visited a couple of years ago, and thought it was a very attractive town. Counting your blessings seems an entirely appropriate activity. Long may they continue!
Unknown said…
Im a master at getting the outside fire to burn but alas i have two aspies who hate the smell of smoke. Robs idea of a fire is to put a crackling fire on the PC as a screen saver.

I do struggle with inside ones, cant seem to work out the air flow. This of course is my experience from holiday rental. Having a fire place is a must when im on a relaxation holiday. Im due for one soon but they are not easy to find (at my price).

Love your door. Your move seems all positive so far.

Jo said…
Eva, how lovely that your children tried so hard to find something that you would like:)

Linda, thank you!

Hazel, I love this door. I think it may once have been the external door - there are a number of similar front doors in the area. Ours leads to the kitchen and attic which must be a more recent addition. I think our dining room fireplace must once have been the kitchen fireplace for the original workman's cottage..

Lynda, love Rob's idea of the perfect fire! I am hearing you on perfecting the air flow. So far it has taken 3 weeks of lighting the fire every day to work it out, and every wood stove is different.. I am sure you are due for a holiday.. I know I am:)
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

You go girl! The location sounds almost perfect and also to be close to several cafes would be a source of constant caffeine fueled temptation. :-)! And the library is just too good. Nice work. Walking is an enjoyable pace from which to watch the world.

Nice to hear that you have the fire business sorted too.

The Victorian era timber paneled doors with stained glass are beautiful objects too.


Jo said…
Chris, I don't drink coffee! It is such a terrible waste. Maybe I will have to force myself to start drinking it, just to take advantage of the local resources!
GretchenJoanna said…
So many great features of your neighborhood. Just being able to walk so much is a huge plus. Many people have to live in apartments to be so close to town and the library, etc., but you get to have a garden and a fireplace! When I was younger we always wanted to move out farther into the country, but then it's annoying to be so dependent on a car, and as I get older I think town life (or within a short walking distance) is ideal.
Mimi said…
Hi Jo. Life is good by the sound of things, so I am pleased for you. It's lovely that the new home is living up to expectations too. Winter in Launceston must be a challenge. It's windy here in Sunny Queensland today, and we have the fire going! Yes we are sooky la-las! Mimi xxx

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