Tomorrow.. Is Only A Day Away..

Pear tree in early morning fog..

Last night was our last night in our old house. Tonight we are having a fun sleepover at my buddy Jane's house. I have spent today packing every single thing in sight (after having spent the last week packing all the other things). It is extraordinary how you can think you have packed everything in a room, but there is always something that has been forgotten. Then when you find that and pack it and tape up the box, there is another thing, so familiar that you don't even see it, like the calendar on the wall or the squirrel nutcracker on the windowsill. Everyone needs a squirrel nutcracker.

Tomorrow begins with the removalists arriving at the crack of dawn. What ho. So back we will go to clean and get in the way. We left the cats shut in a downstairs room, most indignant, while the dog came on the sleepover with us, and is now snoring in a bean bag. 

Pear tree in sunshine..

I was hoping to share some Really Useful Thoughts on moving house, but all I have is this - when you have eaten all the normal food in the house and there are only pantry staples left, dipping dates into the peanut butter jar sounds disgusting but is actually madly delicious..

Purple flowers at dawn..

Until tomorrow then.

As one of my friends texted to me, "Just keep on swimming.." :)


Debbie said…
Praying for a smooth move for you and your family.
heather said…
Sending good thoughts from far away!

--Heather in CA
Kristen Johns said…
It sounds like you've done all the hard parts now... everything else should be easy-peasey. Good luck on a big day:)
Anonymous said…
Look at you. In the midst of the chaos of moving, you share photos of slices of beauty. Love the flowers at dawn.

Good luck with moving day. Soon you'll be ensconced in your cosy new house, reading and doing craft with Posy.
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

Hope the move went well. I've found that it takes a little while before you become accustomed to a new house. Hope you are looking forward to getting into the garden at the new digs?



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