Not Just a Pretty Face


Cherry plums



Spring, and I am already greedily anticipating loads of Summer fruit from my own yard. Spring. It's all about fruit futures:)

Well, ok, the spring blossom is pretty nice too..


Anonymous said…
Beautiful blossoms.
Fernglade Farm said…
Hi Jo,

Beautiful photos and may you enjoy much excellent sun ripened fruit later this year.

Just for your interest, your fruit trees are a week or two ahead of here.

How good are sun ripened apricots! Yum!

Cheers. Chris
gretchenjoanna said…
How good of you to share spring blossoms with us - pretty faces, yes. I am planning to have some fruit trees in my "new" back yard - so excited about that part. The only sad thing about taking out the ornamental/cherry plum is that we won't have the pretty pink sprays. But by springtime there should be something sprouting up or out around here.
Jo said…

Chris, you must be fairly high up to be behind Tas in spring blossom?

Gretchen Joanna, I'm so excited to see your new back yard too:)
Anonymous said…
I can't wait either!! Only put the fruit trees in last year so not expecting much, just something.
I know i'm late, and the blossoms have probably blown off and been replaced by green leaves by now ... so pretty.
Jo said…
Loretta, baby fruit trees! Love! Received your letter:) Might write one back eventually xx

e, yes, baby fruit. Less pretty, more exciting!!

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